What You Need To Know About The ‘Vaccine’ Before You Take It (Updated Sep 2022)

Please note, this is not intended as medical advice for you, I am not a doctor, but I am drawing your attention to the work of those who are doctors or certified and qualified medical professionals who are informed and have no financial or brand stake that would compromise their presentation of this assessment of the safety of this ‘vaccine’.

Revision History

The first update “Six Months of Vaccine” is found here.

I have also added a second update in August 2021 as it becomes apparent the vaccines are not delivering what they were promised to deliver in countries with the highest vaccination levels and there is less rational justification than ever before for mass or mandatory vaccination.  I also refer you to this article, which was focussed specifically on the AFLDS seminar which includes audio/video links and is a comprehensive update on most aspects of the pandemic, including the vaccination programme.

The update of October 2021 was to add a link to the story told by an ex-pharmacy manager who resigned over damage they had witnessed through the quality of the shots being offered.

An extensive update during the early stages of the omicron outbreak was moved to this article:  https://planetmacneil.org/blog/the-sad-farce-of-omicron/


Note:  Owing to continuing popularity of this article, I decide to update it in Sept 2022 after it was parked for a time!

This update includes a retrospect and a summary of the hard data on vaccine related deaths and injuries.

Here in the UK the vaccine has been hailed by our Primeminister as “our [only] means of escape”.  So, the major push is on at the moment to sell the vaccine to the population that has previously been “burned” with previous vaccination scandals where vaccines caused death and disability; this is also the case worldwide wherever vaccines have been used.  Now, I will let a group of doctors outline just what this ‘vaccine’ is – as they rightly explain, it is questionable whether it should be called a “vaccine” as it does not yet meet the minimum scientific criteria to be called one, it is still legally and formally ‘an experimental biological agent’ – their conclusions can be summarised in a few sentences:

Prohibited for the young (0-20).  There is no significant risk factor from the disease in this age group; risk from problems arising from the use of an unproven biological agent are far higher.

Discouraged for the healthy middle-aged (20-69) – your immune system is perfectly capable of dealing with it and you can manage it as you would any other disease if possible transmission to vulnerable relatives is an issue – receive treatment if necessary and quarantine until you are well.  There is no confirmed evidence that the vaccine will actually prevent transmission (one of the major problems with calling it a ‘vaccine’ which does prevent transmission) so its use as a preventative agent for the socially concerned is spurious.

Optional for the co-morbid (2.6+) and elderly (>70).  This would be a personal risk-benefit assessment in consultation with a medical professional.

  • ‘Co-morbid’ simply means an additional chronic or acute illness, e.g. diabetic, existing respiratory condition, kidney failure.

There is no evidence that vaccines should be racially prioritized, i.e. certain ethnic groups are more at risk from COVID (consider the Africa and India experience where the death-rate is a fraction of the rate in the West despite predictions of ‘meltdown’ in those places because of a lack of health infrastructure and overcrowding).

  • This is because of a concerted push by governments to present it as a matter of ‘racial justice’ that certain ethnic groups should get the vaccine first.  Black and brown people have historically been abused more by vaccine faults, eugenic experimentation and unofficial trials than any other group and have a strong antipathy towards vaccines.

If you have no time to read the full whitepaper, or to listen to a presentation, both of which are exceptional  resources summarising important issues surrounding the mismanagement and misinformation regarding COVID-19 more generally, here are a some juicy bits to suck on:

Strong vaccine advocates Dr. Offit and Dr. Hotez, who would be expected to be enthusiastic about these experimental vaccines, have not really endorsed these new experimental vaccines, because previous coronavirus vaccines have a long history of failure due to “antibody dependent enhancement.”  Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), is when anti-COVID antibodies, created by a vaccine, instead of protecting the person, cause a more severe or lethal disease when the person is later exposed to SARS-CoV-2 in the wild.The vaccine amplifies the infection rather than preventing damage. It may only be seen after months or years of use in populations around the world. This paradoxical reaction has been seen in other vaccines and animal trials. One well-documented example is with the Dengue fever vaccine, which resulted in avoidable deaths…Despite over 50 years of active research, a Dengue vaccine still has not gained widespread approval [because of] ADE.

‘Science’, ‘Nature’, ‘Journal of Infectious Diseases’ and others, have already documented ADE, or vaccine-associated hypersensitivity (VAH) risks in relation to the development of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Placental inflammation resulting in stillbirths mid-pregnancy (second trimester) is seen with COVID-19 and with other similar coronaviruses. The way the experimental vaccines work [a non-replicating vector or strand of RNA], it is concerning that that deleterious effect on the placenta, which in the wild only lasts as long as the acute illness [because your immune system destroys it], would instead be lifelong [because your immune system does not remove it because it is a non-replicating vector].

In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). It provides immunity from liability  to all vaccine manufacturing companies…AstraZeneca this time round goes even further in acknowledging that this is an emergency situation and requested [and got] no liability from the EU. “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in…four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Ruud Dobber, a member of Astra’s senior executive team, told Reuters.

Two executives of AstraZeneca resigned in protest that the ADE and Placental Inflammation risks were not sufficiently considered for the vaccine to be even provisionally safe to market and petitioned the EU to deny certification at this point.

Both Dr Fauci and the Surgeon General of the US have publicly stated that this “vaccine” does not prevent transmission – that means masks, social distancing and any other measure deemed “for your safety” remain in force.  The idea that our life “will return to normal” if we take the vaccine, which is what is being pushed worldwide to get people to take an unproven, experimental biological agent with clear risk factors, is therefore duplicitous and false.

People who have taken the vaccine have now tested positive for COVID-19:  it is unknown whether they will always test positive but it provides an excellent way to inflate COVID-19 infection figures to provide further justification for restrictions on your freedom and liberty.

The only group for which the vaccine seems a rational choice is for the elderly, co-morbid.  Most deaths from COVID-19 have occurred in nursing homes amongst the frail elderly.  As such, they are the group to be prioritised.  It makes no sense to prioritise medical staff, police, military or civil workers who are in demographics with extremely low fatality rates.  It is even less rational to take the vaccine if it merely renders the carrier asymptomatic if they do get exposed – they would then be a more effective spreader to vulnerable groups if asymptomatic transmission is considered a real risk.  This was always a dubious claim which seems completely discredited if the ‘vaccine’ is being rolled out as it is now – they have refuted their own position.  For healthy people to take an unproven, experimental biological agent which may cause them to get more ill if they are exposed to the virus, is an issue of national security.  Consider the scenario where you have a severe pandemic because of a reaction to the vaccine leaving a shortage of medical staff, police, military and government functions.

Consider carefully the implications of those paragraphs in your choices – you may have an OK response to the vaccine but the vaccine causes a severe reaction to the real disease.  If you were severely ill with the disease and could not return to normal life, you could not claim for damages and worse still, if you died, your family would get no compensation other than what charity the government might push your way.  The vaccine does not prevent transmission, it merely renders you asymptomatic and makes you COVID-19 positive.  Unless you are in a high risk group, which are really the frail elderly or those of middle age with multiple serious co-morbidities (diabetes, kidney problems, respiratory conditions…this is where you need an honest doctor), there is no compelling case to take a vaccine.  It is not my word, it is the considered opinion of extremely well qualified, informed, senior doctors.

  • As one of the leading doctors stated, they were a “hero” when they were working in the ER (A&E for us Brits!) dealing with COVID patients, but now a “quack” for daring to challenge the false narrative surrounding the disease.

Now, this image shows the official  US CDC statistics for Infection Fatality Rates (so bear in mind these figures would be as inflated as much as they possibly could be to justify the COVID narrative):

COVID survival rates

Consider the rational implications of these survival rates – is it really worth decimating our way of life and causing preventable deaths (which are now occurring because of the cancellation of ‘routine’ primary care in surgeries and hospitals) through a range of far more severe conditions?  Around 60 million will die this year of a range of conditions and 6 million, i.e. around 10%, of those will be because of other respiratory diseases.  By the logic of this pandemic, our response should be 10× more severe for those deaths that have already happened than in response to COVID-19.

However, it gets worse than that!  As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the vaccine has been hailed by our Primeminister as “our [only] means of escape”.  Now, if that really is the case, we would never escape from COVID restrictions on our liberty.  Already the vaccine master plan, seen as the exit door from lockdown, is threatening to unravel as “new virulent” strains are appearing (this is the major reason given for re-entering full lockdown countrywide rather than try and maintain some semblance of liberty by using a tiered system for different areas of the country).  When the developers of the UK Vaccine (also present in the US and elsewhere, Oxford-AstraZeneca) were challenged about the efficacy of the virus against the “new strains” they blustered a little bit and said “maybe the vaccine will need tweaking”.  Of course, this is a major public relations disaster in the making as it has been pushed as the only way to renormalize life and the current strategy is to ignore any possible problems with it and bury any news that could cause a lack of confidence in it.  Labour unions are already demanding “at home” rights in the name of “staying safe”,  the totally unaffordable furlough scheme has resurfaced and education of children is suspended for the same irrational reasons (children are unaffected by this virus and there has only been one possible case worldwide of transmission from a child to a teacher).

Six Months of ‘Vaccine’

It is worthwhile adding this postscript after six months of rollout of the vaccine and also to comment on what is now happening, particularly with regards to problems that are emerging with the vaccines.

First, it is interesting to note what is not happening.

  • As Dr Simone Gold has noted, a vaccine rollout has historically been suspended when there were 25 vaccine related deaths or incidents of serious concern. The CDCs own VAERS system (for the US) has captured thousands of “adverse events” regarding the vaccinations.
  • In the UK, around 900 “deaths” were linked to the vaccine. Family members blame the vaccination, but it was asserted the people were weak and died of whatever they caught.  This, of course, begs the question as to why they were ‘priority’ cases to be vaccinated if it was unlikely to be beneficial (France, for example, did not vaccinate this type of case).  The source of this report was a Japanese news agency, it has been completely repressed and unreported in the UK – the reporter was not sympathetic to the claim but did not realise they explicated the anomaly of the contradiction of offering the vaccine if the patients were too vulnerable to benefit.
  • Information for the UK/EU regarding problems with vaccinations, beyond the alleged clotting issues, has been totally ignored and/or censored.  News has been coming to me via Japanese media – videos with Japanese subtitles have appeared in Japanese sites but the original English audio has been deleted, regardless of the seniority of the scientists who are challenging the programme.

Secondly, what is happening is equally disturbing.

  • Enormous social pressure is being put on people to be vaccinated. Celebrities are now comparing refusing the vaccine to “drink-driving”.  However, at the beginning of the vaccine rollout it was made clear by the Chief Medical Officer (UK) that the vaccine does not prevent transmission, it just makes you less likely to be hospitalised.  However, you would only likely to be hospitalised if you were medically vulnerable – there is no logic in a population wide rollout on that basis.  Interestingly, that claim has been dropped from the most recent literature put out to drive the vaccination campaign.
  • Already, “fully” vaccinated people are being told they may need a “booster” before winter.
  • “Vaccine passports” where travel or accessing services, including supermarkets, is now openly being promoted or mandated in some jurisdictions.
  • So called “debunking reports”, e.g., here do not even describe the known adverse effects of placental inflammation posing a risk to women of childbearing age, preferring ad hominem character assassination. The placental inflammation is a medically proven feature of infection by the real virus and is mimicked in the vaccine but with no natural expulsion as occurs with the real virus.  The possibility of long term serious effects, including sterility, are real, not fake, concerns for the vaccinated.  This is the very reason why pregnant women were told not to take the vaccine.

The Warning of Dr Geert Vanden Bossche PhD

The obvious question here, is who is this guy ?  Well, this is no anti-vax hero but one of the principal architects and experts used by various vaccination programmes in the last decade, including by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (themselves accused of all kinds of misdemeanours in their programmes).  That is, he was a director of these vaccination programmes.

His scenario is novel, in the sense I have never heard of it in previous research, but is new (May 2021), expert commentary.  He has recently written an open letter to the WHO.  His concern can briefly be stated that worldwide vaccination programmes of this type is forcing the virus to mutate in an aggressive direction, i.e., to become more virulent and dangerous, rather than to mutate into less virulent forms as herd immunity establishes itself.

In somewhat unintuitive reasoning, vaccination may propagate the more virulent strains faster by creating “asymptomatic carriers” who then spread it to vulnerable populations.  The “evolutionary strain” caused by mass vaccination, promotes the generation of more serious, vaccine resistant strains that breach the “immune threshold” of previously healthy or asymptomatic carriers.  This is an extra danger with this type of “spike protein” targeting virus (a point also made in the AFLDS briefing) that relies on tuning the immune system to a particular variant of the virus.

Dr Bossche favours “infection prevention measures”, i.e., lockdown, quarantine, isolation but only of the symptomatic, as the solution to maintaining a herd immunity which would build up and cause the virus to weaken.  If the general population, particularly the younger age-groups, are not exposed to the relatively harmless virus, their natural immunity does not develop, and the immune system of the population generally is weakened.  As I understand it, he is not arguing for no vaccination but targeted vaccination to protect vulnerable groups but to allow a herd immunity to build up. He also explicitly rules out mass vaccination of the elderly just because they are elderly – the mortality rate was still only 5% in that demographic.


It might be helpful to think of this as analogous to why we take a “jab” only if we are travelling to regions where we might be exposed to unfamiliar pathogens.  It is effective because the virus has no evolutionary pressure to mutate by overuse of the vaccine.  The controversy surrounding “superbugs” caused by the overuse of antibiotics is also conceptually, as well as biologically, similar as he makes clear in his commentary and FAQs.


This reliance on “infection prevention measures” was also championed by Dr Vernon Coleman who makes a systematic study demonstrating it was the measured social isolation measures of infected individuals that brought previous epidemics to an end, not the vaccines.

The rigorous, complex and elaborate argumentation is on his personal website, https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/ .  Owing to his stature, this has survived uncensored at this point.

What is most significant though is his prediction that a large reduction in human population could occur through such a mass vaccination strategy as a lethal pathogen is generated:

“From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.” (p4, Open Letter)

“Population reduction” has been a preoccupation, some would say obsession, of wealthy billionaires and their think-tanks such as the Rockefeller foundation – Ted Turner infamously said the ideal level was about 500 million total population worldwide.  We might just be in the next execution phase of the plan, you can read more about this perspective in my thesis here.

A Political Footnote

As I have previously written, if you get paid 75% of your wage via the government for staying home and doing no work, you will need some astonishing incentive to return to work in your “COVID-secure” environment to get that extra 25%.  Our governments, because they are not prepared to reconsider that their strategy was based on faulty science and the financial interests of large pharmaceuticals, are placing their populations at great risk with an unproven, experimental biological agent that could create a far worse pandemic in the coming years.  If, as is now being pushed, these “new” variants are said to require “further restrictive measures”, i.e. more restrictive than full lockdown, we are really looking at the preparation for the ‘Great [Economic] Reset‘ where capitalism is replaced with what is promised to be a more benevolent form of synarchic socialism as envisaged by the World Economic Forum where a few big multinational companies provide approved and equal resources for us all, we give up our rights to private property, enjoy a Universal Basic Income and inequality is swept away – at the cost of individual choice in the name of the “common good” but look at what you get in return, you are “safe” with a lifelong requirement to take various vaccines.  Should the wheels come off the vaccine train, State socialism is the only option left, which for the conspiracy theorists among us, is what was planned all along.

Postscript (August 2021): The Effectiveness of the Vaccine is “Fading” (Israeli Doctor)

One of the countries that was most aggressive in vaccination was Israel.  They are now reporting that 95% of the hospitalisations are amongst the fully vaccinated.  This is a mainstream news item:

Channel 13 Israel

An excerpt from the full report is here:

World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne yesterday said that all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness.

Perronne specializes in tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chairman of the Specialized Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health.

Confirming the rapidly deteriorating situation in Israel and the UK, the infectious disease expert stated: “Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from the society.”

He went on to say: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others. It’s proven in Israel now – I’m in contact with many physicians in Israel – they’re having big problems, severe cases in the hospitals are among vaccinated people, and in UK also, you have the larger vaccination program and also there are problems.”

The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France was reported to be “utterly panicked” on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts.

Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 News: “95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more COVID branches. The effectiveness of vaccines is declining or disappearing.”

Of particular note in this paragraph is the assertion “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others”.  This is also admitted in a rather obtuse way in an article from the liberal Left’s Huffington Post (known for its objective and un-biased reporting…):

The researchers found that those who do become infected with the Delta variant after their second jab have similar peak levels of virus to unvaccinated people.

“The fact that they can have high levels of virus suggests that people who aren’t yet vaccinated may not be as protected from the Delta variant as we hoped,” said Sarah Walker, professor of medical statistics and epidemiology at the University of Oxford. “This means it is essential for as many people as possible to get vaccinated – both in the UK and worldwide.”  (emphasis added)

Untangling the vexed words of the eminent Professor here, what she is saying is that the infected vaccinated are just as contagious as the unvaccinated.  That is probably a shock to you – imagine if that had been on the mainstream news 10 months ago!  If you were being vaccinated so as not to risk passing on the disease to one of your “vulnerable” relatives, you have believed a myth.  What is the dear Professor’s solution to a failing vaccination programme?  Obvious – more people should get vaccinated, presumably to prevent “serious illness” if you, the unvaccinated, do contract it from a vaccinated person.  Trouble is, as the interview excerpted above, 90-95% of hospitalisations for “serious illness” are now among the double-vaccinated.

For the very real concerns some frontline workers have witnessed as to the quality and content of the shots being administered, see this article.

In summary, the dance being danced by those who want to mandate vaccination, is getting increasingly complex and counter-intuitive.  In reality, the most effective protection against COVID is exposure to it in the wild and you developing a natural, broad-spectrum immunity to it, as was suggested by dissident epidemiologists and some of the medical experts I quoted earlier in the article.  When I initially wrote the article, some of this was speculative or predictive based on the best science, now we have studies and the hard evidence to confirm the shortcomings and the active risk of mass vaccination.


September 2022 – Retrospect and What  The Hard Data is Now Telling Us

With a quick scan over this article’s content and the associated articles, there is nothing which requires withdrawal even if, occasionally, it was not quite on the mark (thankfully).  The main thrust is very sound, and I believe vindicated as events have unfolded, and I leave it basically unedited as it is valuable as history.  As it is still, remarkably, a popular article, I have decided to add this update as data and evidence of real harm is now forcing its way into the mainstream academic literature.

Many people believe the COVID pandemic is “over” and that is correct from the point of view of the medical threat.  When people talk about variants now, it is sub-variants of variants and it is increasingly questionable as to whether you are, in fact, still dealing with something that is fundamentally the same.  With the CEOs of the vaccine manufacturers bemoaning the “ignorance” of the world causing them to now having to dispose of their COVID-shots because no-one wants them, a critical part of the mass vaccination programme has collapsed.  It is clear that the vaccine does not prevent infection, does not prevent transmission and people who have had all the shots and all the boosters are getting reinfected, sometimes very publicly as they announce it to the world.  Rather quietly, governments are not buying the shots because they no longer “work”, thus the interesting and sometimes down and dirty developments which we will discuss below.

All this should be good news but the use of COVID as cover for government tyranny and the withdrawal of civil rights is far from over, the massive oppression of people in China over their “zero COVID” policy is seldom reported but has intensified, not waned.  We have a friend in Shanghai who told us of their doors being welded shut to prevent them leaving the block of flats to shop.  People survived by pooling what they had and by scaling out of windows to raid food-stores where food had been piled up outside because they were not allowed to open.  We were also told that being locked in the tower blocks, they then had to avoid the drones which the police were flying to monitor the blocks.  If anyone was found “behaving in an inappropriate manner” on their veranda, e.g., shouting for food, their bank account was automatically debited by the government.

Some of these made it out as video clips which were featured on this Rumble channel, https://rumble.com/user/rhowardbrowne, which also carries footage most weeks of mandate related demonstrations around the world that are completely unreported, as well as other “Great Reset” related demonstrations such as the attempt of the governments to force farmers out of business and to centralise food production and distribution.

This type of “social cohesion” and “scientific social engineering” through the use of technology is being watched extremely closely around the world.  For us in Europe, Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank (the Bank of banks for EU/EEA countries) has recently given a speech where she explicitly endorses the use of this “Chinafication” technology and is equally as open about endorsing the WEF’s “Great Reset” which fundamentally changes the relationship of the citizen to the State by globalising government, privileging a few mega-corporations to provide services (think Amazon’s warehouses popping up all over the world) and by centralising food and energy resources. In the UK, there are major increases in the use of Chinese manufactured surveillance technology and a massive increase in the use of “social profiling tech” that analyses a person’s social media profile to check, for example, if they might commit fraud or are they suitable for such and such a benefit.


  1. To control individuals, you need to control the food supply:

Northwest Province in Canada has just prohibited farmers from selling their produce to consumers directly.

In the UK, farms are being bought up by government owned bodies or multinationals.

In France, many of the famous vineyard regions are already Chinese owned.

If you can make it “mandatory” to have a particular characteristic, e.g., vaccine status, before you get access to food, your coercive power for social cohesion is almost limitless.

  1. To control nations, you need to control the energy supply:

Energy usage is top of the agenda with the “climate change” narrative and the “war” in Ukraine (actually a proxy war between particular US intelligence interests in Ukraine and Russia, more on that here).

“Green” energy and climate sanctions limits the capacity of individual nations to be self-sufficient and affects the capacity to manufacture, maintain food supply, heat your homes and such like.

Being a citizen of the UK, I know that in 2006 the UK was running an energy surplus and exporting to Europe.  However, as a matter of policy it decided to buy cheap foreign, i.e., Russian gas and scale back its capacity, having already closed its coal mines in the preceding two decades.  Only with the “big stick” of climate change, can you force nations to keep those resources unused.

This, again, proves priceless if you are looking for social cohesion.  You decide not play ball with a global government direction, we turn off the power.

The Specifics of the Data

However, now for the specifics of data.  Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is the acronym now favoured for otherwise fit and healthy (often athletes) who suddenly die.  The very drawing attention to this remarkable death rate amongst sportspeople was enough to have one commentator investigated by the British Office for Communication for spreading “vaccine disinformation” but as he said in his defence:

there is obviously nothing to see here [because the government regulator tells me so], I thought all these fit and healthy people dying [in the wake of vaccination] was unusual but I was wrong”.

The leading cause of death in the Canadian province of Alberta is not cancer or dementia but “causes unknown”:



Findings in a systematic study by a group writing in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology concluded that vaccination was causing:

Diverse Adverse Consequences” – potentially a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.

The vaccine is being seen to suppress the immune response for around 8 months after each dose and so is likely to “have a wide range of consequences, not the least of which is the reactivation of latent viral infections and the reduced ability to effect combat future infections”.

However, this is not an isolated conclusion of a group of maverick scholars in some quack alternative journal.

Similar research appeared, very quietly we might add, in the premier journal The Lancet in Feb 2022 entitled “Risk of Infection, hospitalization, and death up to 9 months after a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine”

A physician, Kenji Yamamoto wrote a letter to the Journal of Virology based on the data reported in that article, that:

The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individual after the administration of two doses of…vaccine was lower than among unvaccinated individuals.”

For people aged 80 years or over, the per capita rate of hospitalisation and death was over twice as high as the unvaccinated for the 180 days after vaccination.”

The question then asked was, “why is no one interested in this?

As Kenji had pointed out, The Lancet effectively buried that conclusion by sanitising the article, but the raw data was included (Table 3), it speaks for itself.

It is estimated that 1000+ vaccine related deaths per week are now occurring. It is worth remembering Around $100bn was gifted to the companies manufacturing these “vaccines” with total impunity.

What perhaps no one would have predicted though was that vaccine companies themselves who were doing all this research and spending all this money “for the good of humanity” are now suing each other.  That is despite them giving assurances to one another they would not do so in the interest of the world.  However, now that governments are not buying any of their product because it does not work – to clarify “not work”:  does not prevent infection or transmission or even you getting ill (sometimes seriously) – they are looking to extract “fair settlement” (what book was it that said the love of money was the root of all evil?).

In other words, people were forced to take medicine they did not want and were harmed by it.  That represents a total breakdown in medical ethics on the part of physicians and political ethics on the part of government; and epistemic terrorism within the wider scientific community who aided and abetted those with coercive power in providing faulty justifications and fake science.

The Future

Perhaps the future is the major issue with which we are confronted.  Unethical mandates are still being forced on people all around the world with invasive and obtrusive technology to back it up.  Governments are attempting to remove cash and restrict citizens’ ability to travel freely all in the name of various “emergencies” that allow them to keep their Emergency Legislation in place.  However, they travel in a fleet of private jets to Switzerland to discuss how everyone else needs to have an electric car.

What is happening in China is a model for social reconstructionists in the West.  It has a more benign nuance in the West, but it has still managed to manifest as compulsory vaccination in a world that escaped fascism 70 years ago.  That world made a declaration that people could never be injected with compounds that the effect of was not fully understood, and they were able to make informed consent.

Neither of those conditions have been met or that fine declaration of principles honoured.

The reason for the tyranny is that there are those pushing for a Great Reset which includes a major population reduction to preserve resources.  One of the bankrollers of the project considers a world population of around 450 million “ideal”, that means around a 90% reduction.  You wondering why there is such a push for abortion and for euthanasia worldwide?  It is all part of the same programme.  When a member of the elite was asked, on camera, at the recent WEF gathering, “how is the plan going that you started in 2019 to reduce world population by 10% by 2025?” he responded, “I think it is going very well”.  You would have thought any responsible media present would have picked up on it, but they were silent as they are silent of the various anti-Reset demonstrations around the planet.  Why?  Quite simply, they have bought into it, they believe in it, they embrace it – everyone from leaders of the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) to our senior politicians.

For news sources now, we are getting quite thin, but Rodney Howard Browne does a great job in 30 mins during the week to pull in all sorts of material which can help you get hooked up with those good sources. More than ever, we must be vigilant to be informed and particularly vigilant not to allow our freedoms to be taken from us.  That is probably going to mean a Yellow Star of one form or another for many of us, and whatever faith we have will be tested.

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  1. To make the point:
    “Sir Patrick said he expected the vaccines would reduce transmission of the virus but that “we shouldn’t go mad” as jabs are rolled out because a risk would remain. Just because you’ve been vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t catch this and pass it on, it means you’re protected against severe disease,” he added.


  2. Now you find that the vaccines are down to around 60% effectiveness at preventing serious disease in light of some of the new variants. It also transpires you may need to take it every year ‘like a flu jab’ – this is because, to all intents and purposes, COVID is a flu. It will become endemic – thus, the decision to open our economies and reassert our freedoms is a political decision, it is not a medical issue.

  3. (Excerpted by MM from a comment by MV on an alternative platform)
    If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Sherri Tennypenny, she is an excellent resource on vaccines, having dedicated over 22 years studying them and their effects. She can be found at https://www.drtenpenny.com/. She has very strong opinions and knowledge regarding the coronavirus experimental gene therapy and she agrees with a consensus of other physicians regarding the vaccinated becoming vaccine transmitters presenting a clear danger to themselves as well as the unvaccinated. Her website has a section with podcasts in which she discusses this in great detail.

  4. (Excerpted by MM from a comment by MV on alternative platform)
    Excellent article, well thought out with researched information presented in an unbiased manner.
    I may have gone a little further by discussion of the fact that those fully vaccinated have now become virus transmitters/shedders endangering the unvaccinated, and due to ADE the fully vaccinated will succumb upon exposure to this virus in the wild this coming flu season and they will be the cause of the 3rd wave, which will of course be blamed on the unvaccinated. There is a US Army study that supports this statement. Those who previously vaccinated against the flu were 36%? more likely to be infected with Coronavirus.
    There is no doubt the push to have everyone vaccinated for a virus of such minor significance is highly questionable.

  5. Enjoyed the read as it echoes many of my thoughts. Did try to send a personal message via your contact form but the ReCaptcha (or whatever it is called is not ‘playing ball’

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