One Year On – Reflecting on America’s Frontline Doctors

The day was July 27, 2020, the setting was the steps of the Supreme Court building and there was gathered around 18 practicing physicians, some senior, some private practise and some ER room.  This was a Press Conference organised by the nascent group, America’s Frontline Doctors, a dissenting group to the nation’s, and indeed most of the rest of the ‘developed’ world’s response to the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’.

The event proved to be a watershed event in the West, demonstrating how the media had moved from being constrained by some conception of presenting all sides of a story (albeit with a slant reflecting the politics of their owner or sponsors) into being a propaganda arm of their respective governments; like the State broadcasters of dictatorships around the world, a single narrative had been chosen and no dissent was permitted in the media space.  Like a scene from Plato’s Euthyphro, Socrates announces that truth was what those in power had decided it would be.  However, despite only being covered by a single national news outlet, the “far-right” Breitbart News, the video of the conference had racked up over 20 million views shortly after posting, and within a matter of hours You-Tube, Facebook and Twitter had de-platformed the group.  It was clear we had moved from a place where the internet was the place of a free expression and exchange of ideas, into an era of censorship, a new partnership of government with “social” media had emerged.  First, we had imported into the West the lockdowns of communist China, now we had their state-managed media and internet too.  This, of course, was for the sake of the common good and done to “keep us safe” from misinformation.

The Press Conference had presented to the American people and many watchers around the world, that COVID-19, presented worldwide as a health emergency and a fatal disease, with no early treatment available, was in fact a disease no more serious than a winter flu (as, in fact, most flus were coronaviruses) and that early treatment was available in the form of a simple, generic medication known as HCQ which had been FDA and WHO approved for over 60 years as an anti-malarial drug.  There was enormous prima-facie evidence of its efficacy from early trials in France and the empirical observation that where it (or similar anti-malarial) was used around the world, e.g. Africa, the deathrate from COVID was around one hundredth what it was in the worst affected countries of the West.

This, you would of thought, would have been good news for the world but as we all know, a major offensive was launched shortly after the pandemic was announced at the end of February that year, within both academic and world medicine to discredit HCQ as a possible early treatment; indeed, to characterise it as dangerous, linked to heart arrhythmia and to try and get it banned worldwide as a COVID treatment.  Many European countries even banned research into it as a possible treatment.  Three large studies appeared in the world’s most famous medical journals that demonstrated it was dangerous.  Despite two out of the three of these studies later being exposed as fake and the author of the third being considered for criminal prosecution for poisoning patients with known toxic doses of HCQ (it had been around for over 60-years and the threshold for safe dosage was known), all the world’s medical resources were directed towards creating a “vaccine”, a project of big-pharma.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) were one of the first to explicate the link between discrediting of a simple, generic medication as being in the interest of ‘big-pharma’ who were set to make billions (as they are now doing) from ‘vaccinating’ the world with an experimental biological agent.  These same groups had been granted total indemnity from any resulting injury from the ‘vaccines’ and governments of the West changed their certification and safety protocols, redefining what could be called a ‘vaccine’ that this experimental biological agent could be presented to the world as the ‘ticket back to normal life’.  “Vax to the max” was adopted as the policy, with parental consent being bypassed in some principalities and the vaccine advocated down to 2-years of age.  In comes the “COVID-passport”, the digital-ID on whose basis you are allowed admission to goods and services.

AFLDS is characterised as some “right-wing” fringe group whose members, if they are medical at all, are not involved in treating COVID-patients.  So, the NYT described them as those “claiming” to be physicians and other described them as “Tea Party” activists.  These, of course, are meaningless, ad hominem pejoratives (rather like the use of the term ‘fundamentalist’ – whatever one is, you know you do not want to be one and should avoid contact with anyone who is) and as one of the physicians at the conference stated, you can simply check our registrations and certifications to verify that they were all, in fact, physicians.  Further, at least as far as the original press conference attendees, they were all actively involved in treating COVID-patients, or in COVID related research.

Despite the firing of doctors for being associated with the organisation, the wider demonisation and attempted marginalisation of the group, the de-platforming of the website on more than one occasion and the forced movement of their media to an alternative, non-mainstream platform, they have not just stuck around but have become a significant voice not just for alternative medical information but also as a focus for civil rights and litigation.  As one speaker at their recent anniversary conference observed, we are now the “real ACLU” when it comes to civil rights of individuals against the power of the state being used to mandate vaccination, despite the constitutional illegality of such action when the ‘vaccine’ is still only certified under Emergency Use Authorisation.  The anniversary conference was notable in that in addition to the substantive scientific presentations by practising clinicians and scientists, it had presentations on the advocacy activity of the organisation and the “grass roots” organisation of community groups to help resist the tyranny of central government and to encourage communities to take back control of both themselves and their children from the State.

This multifaceted nature of the group reflects that of the founder of the group, Dr Simone Gold.  She was a long-term medical practitioner experienced in the inner city but who is also a Stanford educated attorney; she is also a mum with two children in the age groups being pressurised to be vaccinated.  Just after founding AFLDS, she released the book ‘I Do Not Consent – My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture’ (which at the time of writing is still available on Amazon) which is a short, well written and extremely informative book that gives you a physician’s eye view of what was going on in the frontline hospitals as the pandemic was started and marketed to the public.  Whatever your position in the debate, it should be required reading, it is a fascinating insight into the sociology of medicine and how far third-party interests have invaded the medical space and were able to interfere in the physician-patient relationship which in the US, at least, is supposed to be confidential and private.

I have documented in a thesis the issues surrounding the management of COVID-19 and the wider political and sociological issues surrounding it so I will not repeat myself here.  However, there was stuff in my thesis which was speculative at the time but which was confirmed by the AFLDS anniversary conference which present a “state of the union” type address that really shows how the actual data associated with the infection from the government VAERS database as well as CDC/NiH sources now so blatantly contradicts what the vaccine promised to do, i.e., the passport back to normal life, protection of yourself from infection, the minimisation of the severity of the disease, protection of your loved ones.

One by one, these compelling reasons to vaccinate have fallen away, we are still capable of transmitting the virus, passing it on and the double-vaccinated are now the majority of new admissions to hospital.  This is why CDC guidance has reinstated the mask mandate for what is around 2/3rds of the American population, regardless of vaccination status.  It is not just a simple argument that this is inevitable as the proportion of the vaccinated in the population grows, the basic purpose of any legitimate vaccination is surely that the vaccinated should experience a mild version of the disease if they contract it and that they are not a carrier to the uninfected.  The advertisements littered across my own country ‘every vaccination gives us hope’, I have to now ask, is ‘hope for what?’.  The only advantage to the vaccinated seems to be socio-economic – you have to show your vaccine passport to be admitted to various venues and sporting events or prove your status to be allowed to work in certain environments.  Thankfully I can work at home and can still shop online but it is not beyond expectation Amazon will no longer deliver to me because my house is marked as “non-vaccinated”.  There is already in some principalities, door to door visitations accompanied by a health-official who will vaccinate you ‘on the spot’; if you decline, you may well receive a second visitation from social services to remove your children who are “at risk” from your failure to comply.  Most Westerners could never have believed this last scenario was possible a year ago, but it is becoming a reality as governments accrue and appropriate more power to themselves at the expense of their citizens.

The following are developed or explored within the anniversary summit, which adds to the depth and coverage of my thesis, at times confirming what was previously speculation and I encourage you to listen to the presentations as they really benchmark the science very well:

  1. US science has spectacularly failed to deliver – the deathrate for COVID is four times higher than the rest of the developed world. Big-pharma controls and dominates the medical agenda in the US.
  2. Sub-Saharan Africa on average has around 100 times less infection and mortality from COVID despite a health-meltdown being predicted because of poor sanitation and poor health services. Less than 5% of the predicted deaths have occurred.
  3. Infection and new cases spiked in Uganda after vaccination began alongside other Western ‘help’.
  4. Vaccination compromises natural immunity, destroying natural antibodies which offer long-term and robust immunity against new variants. Vaccination is only effective against the variant it targets.
  5. COVID-19 has a 0.2% chance it was not made in a lab. There are over 52 patents held by various governments of the “spike proteins” characteristic of the infection and the mRNA ‘vaccines’ that mimic the infections.  These spike proteins are shown by autopsy evidence to have migrated from the vaccination site to critical organs in the body, causing damage and in some cases death as the immune system attacks its own organs.  These viruses are arguably biological weapons and we have had an accidental leak or it was a deliberate release used by internationalists against the sovereign nations of the world, aided and abetted by complicit national governments and media corporations who will benefit most from a new world order.
  6. Asymptomatic transmission amongst the unvaccinated transmits immunity, not disease.  The best recommendation for an elderly person is to hug their grandchildren.
  7. There has been a 12500-28000% increase in vaccine related deaths (as recorded in the government VAERS database) since the rollout of the COVID vaccines. More deaths have occurred in the last 5 months than the last 13 years combined according to the VAERS data.
  8. After the Second World War, the Nuremberg Code sought to address the illegitimate scientific experimentation of the Nazis on patients and concentration camp prisoners. The convention, alongside the Helsinki declaration, provided the basis for most UN treaties and was incorporated into international law and most national codes.  Central to the code was the principle of “informed consent” where a patient must understand the nature and the risks associated with a procedure and is free to refuse it, without any element of coercion, duress, or constraint.  Clear violations of these principles are occurring when vaccination programmes are being mandated for workers in particular environments or occupations as conditions of their continued employment.

The anniversary summit can be found in full on the AFLDS website here.

I chopped up the original video presentation and processed the audio into phone-friendly chunks.  These reflect my titles rather than the official AFLDS titles but I updated the titles wherever possible to reflect what appeared on the individual sessions that replaced the single upload on the day of the summit (which I used to create the files – hence the differences in the titles!):

2021 Press conference:

This is a useful synopsis where each speaker lays out what they will be talking about in their session.


Preamble (hook):



Group A (The Science)

Group B (The Law) – These sessions are US-centric but are still useful to international listeners.


As a final word as a British citizen, AFLDS gives me hope, even as a non-American, that our headlong rush into synarchic communism, where there is no private property, no borders, where a few large companies provide the needs of the world, and social engineers oversee a massive reduction in the world’s population through “health initiatives” (like birth control and vaccinations with hormone enriched vaccines that reduce sterility) is not going to be without resistance.

We are not in the world to live life “safely”, but we are here to live life fully.

For many of us, we must realise we can no longer coexist with our states, their schools and institutions and their media, they are corrupt, and we need our own platforms and our own schools, our own farms, our own shops based on principles of free trade, freedom to dissent and free movement.  AFLDS in a significant way, is helping to create a new, broad-based movement that empowers people to live fully and freely.

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