The World-Changing Treaty No-One Talked About

World Level Government Is Taking A Major Step Forward – But Most People Knew Nothing About It

Quite remarkably, a major change in world government is taking place but most citizens of the individual countries have known nothing about it until a few days before it is to be voted on. As well they should, as it will, in all probability, radically affect their lives if they remain ignorant of it.

Part of the driver for this change is that national governments ran into major difficulties during COVID as the measures became more repressive and they were forced to defend them. As partying, hypocritical, maskless politicians were exposed whilst simultaneously creating laws mandating vaccination, closing businesses and prohibiting social contact amongst citizens, the wheels came off the Great Reset, particularly when the Canadian Truckers energised an international resistance movement. Quite obviously, the word was sent from the hallowed halls of the WEF (World Economic Forum – actually a private organisation founded by Klaus Schwab) for government fellow-travellers to back-off and suddenly “we all have to learn to live with COVID” and we were no longer going to have to wear a digital yellow-star, be fined and criminalised for remaining vaccine-free. Of course, we must not forget that around 150 million Chinese are still confined in “isolation camps” – great city highways are lined with portakabins with interned residents; others are starving in high-rise blocks unable to purchase food and are fined automatically directly from their bank account via facial recognition technology if they are on the balcony in an “unauthorised manner”. The Chinese are modelling a society perfectly managed via a social credit system combined with the latest technology.

‘How lucky it is for rulers that men cannot think’.

Adolf Hitler

Of course, for us fortunate enough to be in the West, this meant that the governments lost the totalitarian perogative with the waning of COVID and they really could not allow the citizens to return to normality lest they begin to think clearly.  There was need of another emergency and we were provided with one as a “war” conveniently broke out in Ukraine. Those that rushed to Ukraine’s aid, suggested immediately something was very wrong in a nation that has been long known for its corruption. More money has been sent to Ukraine than for the entire period of the war in Afghanistan, something was clearly going on in Ukraine that Western governments, particularly it seems elements of the world’s liberal elite and intelligence communities had a big stake in. It seems Putin got intelligence about it and was not going to let it happen on his border. How ironic it is that the ex-leader of the KGB is more concerned with the freedom and security of his people than are his enemies of their’s. The human misery caused by the war was thought a price worth paying by “the last two Ukranian presidents who did absolutely nothing to prevent it” – those were words by the Ukrainian head of an organisation which I work with who when war broke out became something of a celebrity guest on various news programmes. That was the first interview when he was free to speak and most people seemed to have missed what he was implying (those presidents wanted the war, or at least for things to get so bad that the rest of the world would intervene). Of course, things are much more stage-managed now for him as the emphasis is on the human fallout rather than the political choices that got us where we are now.

So, whilst we were all suitably distracted with an imminent WWIII, the US government submitted proposals at the end of January to the UN regarding the governance of the WHO (World Health Organisation).

  1. It effectively grants the head of the WHO executive powers that usurp sovereignty of nations over their health policies during a “pandemic event“.
  2. The definition of a “pandemic” and a “vaccine” have both also been changed such that a pandemic is no longer a disease that “kills many people worldwide” but rather just a disease “that occurs in many countries worldwide”. A vaccine is no longer an intervention that prevents you from getting a disease or being a carrier but simply something that stops you getting seriously ill. You can still get ill and still spread.
  3. The WHO head decides when a pandemic event has begun and instructs what policies should be enacted in the various nations – from lockdowns, to masking, to vaccines.

The attraction for our corrupt politicians now becomes obvious, they can publicly disagree with the head of the WHO for domestic consumption whilst privately acquiescing to it. The WHO is funded 50% by world governments (the US being the largest at 750 million) and 50% by private donors, the largest of which is the Gates Foundation at a staggering 750 million.

These proposals were submitted on the quiet, kept secret for around 3 months until announced with just 3-days to present submissions regarding them. They willl then be voted on – it should be obvious this is a globalist coup event, paid for by the NGOs of billionaires and pharmaceutical companies who made it big during COVID. Pfizer announced a further “15 target pathogens” – do the Maths, they earnt 55bn from one. With that level of money they can create a world government with their WHO partners subject to no oversite from any nation state.

Our Responsibility

With knowledge comes power – people need to hear what our leaders are doing and ensure other people know about it. Isolation is always a strategy of our enemies to cause us to think that we are powerless when in reality we are not. Politicians are not immune from those they rule over yet, we need to educate and agitate that those who lie and deceive in public office are evicted and censured. We need to expose corrupt media and provide our own alternative sources of media.

It may be that we need to change where we shop online and start campaigns that encourage others to do so and let those companies know publicly why we are quitting them. When heads of these corporations go “woke” or withdraw our webspace because “you are spreading medical misinformation” (exposing the corruption of the medical process) or are guilty of “hate speech” (otherwise known as exercising freedom to disagree with your political correctness) we need to support one another within our own communities. We need to not be “kept safe” by our governments but to be “kept free” by our own political self-consciousness.

We need those who understand agriculture to start farms and grow our own food – the food supply allows governments to control individuals.

We need those who understand power generation to help others generate their own power or to own power-generation facilities or mining operations – controlling the power supply of a nation allows control over the economic life of a nation from outside that nation.

One of the largest changes in the world economy has been the drive to energy and agricultural inter-dependence. Otherwise how can the war in Ukraine cause a problem with the world wheat supply when most countries in the world can grow their own wheat and export their surplus? Or how has Western dependence on Russian oil and gas become so critical we cannot manage without it? It was a deliberate policy of my own government to close its mines and opt into Russian oil and gas when we were running a domestic surplus as late as 2006.

Perhaps too, and the most important advice ever given to an army by their commander, “pray and keep your powder dry” (Oliver Cromwell during the English Revolution).

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