Ukraine – What We Do Not Hear About

As the COVID crisis “recedes” – at least in some parts of the world where ‘living with COVID’ is trying to wrestle its way into a brainwashed public consciousness (witnessed by the number of people still wearing masks when there is no requirement to) – it has been replaced by the WWIII crisis.  Crises are great for governments, especially aspiring transnational organisations that do not want the inconvenience of having the people vote on their policies.  It provides a great excuse for sending vast quantities of money under the pretext of aid when in fact you are paying it to one of your subsidiaries in another country.

The US congress has just voted to send $12bn to the Ukraine.  Leaving aside the question of exactly who is going to receive and manage that money, what is more at issue is the peculiar alliance of those who have stepped up to support Ukraine:  Soros, the Biden, the Kerries, the Clintons, Justin Trudeau, and even The Taliban…it seemed like it was a fresh march of the liberals supported by their Islamic brothers.  Particularly ironic was the standing ovation given to Ukrainian president Zelensky in the Canadian parliament, he was given more respect for his civil rights than the Canadian truckers were a mere three weeks ago.

That senior politicians have links with Ukraine has been no secret, one of the aforementioned presidents and his crack-cocaine smoking son, are well known for the controversy surrounding their business dealings and who spoke to who when and for what purpose when Trump was being accused of Russian “collusion“.  The bizarre case of the latter was it made more headlines in its fabricated form than when the truth came out that, in fact, it was a manufactured fiction solely created to undermine a sitting US president.  As Trump himself commented, it was actually bigger than Watergate but this is a long time after Watergate and the mainstream medias have jettisoned any pretence at neutrality; it “barely made the papers” – with the NYT actually printing “it was not technically spying” (perhaps untechnical spying and conspiracy by lawyers would be better) and the same paper now gives a public platform to those who describe the American Constitution as “trash“.  It is peculiar that a non-American such as me has to point out this incongruity.

So, for all but the most “woke” amongst us, it must be a little bit fishy to find all the liberals, with the Taliban as the alto-section, in such a hallelujah chorus for Zelensky.  That is not because we do not want to support the Ukrainian people – where I work is directly on the ground working both in Ukraine itself and in the receiving nations where the hundreds of thousands of refugees are arriving.  The response of those communities in say Moldovia, Romania and Poland who are opening up their homes and churches and just about anywhere else they can house people is a powerful symbol of the love that men and women can still express for their neighbours.

However, there is an untold story of Ukraine that helps us put things in perspective.  Where I work has a Ukrainian branch office and right at the beginning of this crisis the leader of that office in a briefing to the other offices around the world, made the comment that it had been the consecutive bad decisions of this president and the former one that had caused this war to get where it is now.  In the coverage both in our organisation and the wider world, this perceptive observation has largely been ignored but it is of pivotal importance.  A policy of appeasement adopted by the Western nations in Russia’s annexing of the Crimean peninsula and the aggressive Russian support for the ‘rebels’ of Eastern Ukraine – the warning writing was on the wall for everyone to read, but we ignored it.  That China might now “give it a go” for Taiwan, is a real possibility with the Chinese already buzzing Taiwanese airspace.

Western nations (and this is where Biden & co really seem to have an interest) have been using Ukraine as what can best be described as a “money laundering” facility, as in various post-Soviet states, including Russia itself for a time, it was a place where money could be made where the only limit was your imagination – it was Rockefeller MkII, if it was petroleum related, invest and send your money around the world (especially my own London) and buy-up a few hundred million here, a few hundred million there…London was neck-deep in dirty money from the Eastern empires, so hearing our leaders pontificate it is astonishing they do not choke on their own vomit (may God bless them and be merciful to their lying tongues).  I once had a friend who was responsible for buying up property for rich overseas “clients”, he had purchased over 100 million that particular year for one family (and that was way back in 2008).  Those houses sat empty 11 out of 12 months of the year; many others are empty – London, for that fresh, laundered smell

Ukraine was also a “rendition friendly” hub nation – need a torture – sorry, “experimental interrogation” site – we can help!  It is also eking out now of bio-labs on the border with Russia (now estimated at over 20) fashioned after the funding of the similar lab in Wuhan, China that gave us COVID; with apparently very similar plans to send diseases around the world.  Putin was actually onto something there!  Those labs (as the one in Wuhan) are built with American cash, worked on contracts from Fauci & co (who, interestingly has done a total disappearing act – someone was suggesting he was in the Witness Protection Programme) and their various CIA subsidiaries.

I was recently listening to a Polish pastor who also happened to be a professor at a US institution who is presently working on the ground at the Ukraine-Poland border moving aid through “trustworthy” channels.   That in itself is an interesting sub-story, both he and a South-African colleague of mine have stated that in their experience moving and managing aid, 95% of it gets diverted to elsewhere than where it was intended – all sorts of NGOs profiteer from offering “transportation services” and change the price at the last moment or sell on their charge to another buyer; be very sure when you give that the organisation has a network on the ground that does not rely on third-parties to do the distribution.

He describes the various “factions” who have bases all along the border, some of them the descendants of those who were asked to “take a chill-pill” by Hitler in the 2nd world war as they were just too over-zealous, even for him (this is where Putin gets his ‘Nazi’ meme).  That is one of the reasons why it is a perfect place for a torture, sorry – ‘experimental interrogation’ – camp,  authorised as official policy by Bush, Rumsfeld & Co post 9/11 when it really became anything goes to get those terrorist bastards (if you have never watched it, watch The Mauritanian) – of course, they did not stick to “terrorist bastards” but anyone else considered a “risk” which ironically now includes most of the Alt-Right that graced us with such beneficent information gathering tools.

So, love him or loathe Putin as the totalitarian tyrant attacking a helpless nation (who have in fact shown astonishing bravery and resilience) is not the complete picture, Putin was not going to put up with all this espionage and Western money-making just over his border.  Whether he just wants in on the action and paying off or he really does want to evict the CIA and its fellow-travellers from his doorstep which he calls a “shared spiritual space with Russia”, we do not know.  However, he is taking every opportunity to test all sorts of military innovations as well as having no hesitation of firing on all sorts of “civilian” targets, daring the rest of the world to stop him.

Much as with the murky dealings of Fauci & Co in which he judged that making a sick world sicker with Moderna/Pfizer vaccines (which are almost clocking in about $100bn combined for those companies – Moderna has no other commercial product) ‘would be better than uncovering the real origins of COVID’ ; and, in his email to Sir Jeremey ‘would harm science and Chinese science’.  Klaus Schwab of ‘Great Reset’ fame is not remotely surprised at what is going on, and sees the war and “a more violent world” as a necessary step to moving the WEF programme along – there needed to be another crisis of fear and a WWIII nuclear one is as good as it gets so that his (and “The Elites”) can proceed, trampling all over people’s rights and privileges in the name of an emergency;  sheep need to be driven and this is a great dog to do the job.

These elites (you can watch their own discussions on You-Tube where they openly refer to themselves as such) are warriors who hire behavioural psychologists to create petri-dishes out of nations, they realise “fear” is the key to controlling populations with the promise of “keeping you safe”.  Hitler observing the socialist policies of Bismarck, said he realised that the German people would trade their freedom and liberty for a feeling of security.  He proceeded to create just that threat in the Jewish nation (and any others he did not like) and then offered the solution of his brave new world – brilliant (anyone feeling we have hit the Repeat button somewhere?).  We are seeing a continuation of the pandemic with different actors, but the storyline is the same.

“both he and a South-African colleague of mine have stated that in their experience moving and managing aid, 95% of it gets diverted to elsewhere than where it was intended – all sorts of NGOs profiteer from offering “transportation services” and change the price at the last moment or sell on their charge to another buyer; be very sure when you give that the organisation has a network on the ground that does not rely on third-parties to do the distribution.”

It is a bit like the plot of the Bourne Legacy – the black ops director simply states, we clear out the assets on the ground, we have the data, take a pause, and rebuild back, better and stronger.  Russia is not the only one interfering in the internal affairs of other nations around the world.  They are just being a bit more open about it and using the missile rather than the dollar to teach the world a lesson about doing their own laundry a bit too close to Putin’s launderettes.


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