Dominion Theology – Its Origin, Development and Place in Christian Thinking

This was my Masters thesis for the degree of Master of Arts in Studies in Philosophy and Religion. This was marked at Distinction level and my supervisor recommended I publish it.

This is primarily a defence of the orthodoxy of the position and the implied necessity of Christian involvement in wider culture and politics. With the reemergence of Christian agnosticism to politics in the wake of the election chaos in the US-context over “Cyrus” Trump and the disarray in the prophetic movement, this remains an important piece of work in defending the necessity of our active and substantial involvement.

This PDF is the updated book version which one day I will publish! It is the recommended version as it includes additional material not included in the original version because of space limitiations.

This version is the original web version, it lacks the appendices which were removed because of the word limit. It is also an export from Microsoft Word and the layout is slightly messy in places, e.g. footnotes appear as endnotes rather than with the page, because of what Word does when it exports, but the content is 99.9% okay. If you need to copy and paste text, it may be easier from this version but check the PDF version as the text was changed or updated in the book version in places.

I will work to get these versions in sync now that I have managed to make some headway with the Blog project!

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