Why We Should Enforce Legal Migration and Resist Illegal Migration

Let me be clear, we should always welcome with open arms those fleeing persecution (‘asylum seekers’) and to help facilitate legal migration of those seeking a better life (‘economic migrants’).  This applies especially to families.

But allowing boatloads of illegals, most often young men (even the BBC now acknowledging this is the new pattern) from nations known for their corruption, violence and crime, or who have religious convictions in which violence is central to their ideology, is utter recklessness and we should firmly close our borders to such. This latter is barely talked about, we do not want to be called racists or fascists after all, but the UK is experiencing a major surge of illegal migration at the moment, with as many illegal arrivals in August 2022 as the entire year of 2020 and along with the waves coming across Southern American border, we need to talk about it, as we are waking up to too many  headlines of migrants drowning in the channel or dying in the back of lorries and trucks.

The answer is not “open borders” as advocated by those as noble as Amnesty International and plenty of other left-leaning and idealistic relief organisations who wrestle with their guilt from living in a land flowing with milk and honey and want to atone for the sins of their imperialistic fathers.  Our emotional reactions need to become a reasoned response, or we make the problem worse, particularly for the legitimate migrant.  One so-called “Far-Right” German, who was also called a Nazi and a fascist too, but was actually a sober, mainstream, conservative politician, was brave enough to highlight the dangers of a similar policy in Germany with two million Syrians heading its way with the words:

“You and me are quite alike, we share pretty much the same values, believe in the same sort of things, we can get along, despite our differences.

You need to understand these people do not share those values and they do not want to get along with us and do not believe what we do about it being good to get along with one another, it is a sign of weakness, not virtue.

Do not be surprised that we cannot get along.

You want to offer emergency shelter to those people, then fine but make sure you can send them back after the war is over.”

The UK, along with many other Western nations, already have the dead on their streets through homegrown terrorism; with one particular nasty and blood attack in the UK committed by sons of refugees who had grown to despise the country that offered them shelter within 10 short years.  Even more ironically, the parents had returned to their country of origin and were arrested and executed on news of what happened in the UK because of the actions of their sons.

Europe already has other nations such as Sweden which opened their doors because of “compassion” (and because they were suffering from a lack of population growth ironically because they bought the myth of overpopulation) and are now suffering the effects of the lawlessness of those same young migrant men, especially in violence against women.

As it becomes increasingly clear that the war in Ukraine is a proxy war (with the US having just promised billions more in “aid”), the goodwill of some European nations is growing thin as Ukraine continues to empty of people and various other disingenuous “migrants” merge with the refugee flows across the borders, claiming to be Ukrainian when it is evident, they are not.  Over 25% of the host families sheltering “Ukrainians” are now having problems, probably because they were not Ukrainian after all.

I remember vividly doing business with a couple claiming to be Portuguese to only find out they were Russian; but apparently Portugal was the best country in Europe at the time to enter and obtain citizenship as an immigrant, legal or illegal.  This was because they were/are desperate for population, the then president admitting there was a real problem with the viability of the nation beyond 2060 if the current depopulation trend continued.  You cannot help but be struck in this holiday destination for the rest of Europe that all the taxi drivers were women because the men worked away in a different country.

Immigrant dysfunction is not just an issue with those claiming to be Ukrainian refugees.  Being the ‘end of the line’ for EU migrants and known for its “soft touch”, the UK is considered a great destination if you want to get your Cotswold prostitution business, Thames Valley sex-trafficking or Home Counties drug running business off the ground, or even your benevolent Channel people-smuggling operation.  When France moved against what were considered the communities which harboured Jehadi sympathies after the Paris attacks, you guessed it, they upped and headed for the UK, Birmingham specifically, “we can just live as Muslims here” one of the freshly assimilated commented during an interview.

It is truly remarkable that it was as easy as that to move, especially when we suffered some homegrown attacks in the last few years by those who consider it their holy and God-ordained mission to evangelise by sword (and bomb) the infidel nations in which they find themselves.  It seems utterly naïve to allow people to move here who have no interest in integrating whatsoever but who want to build their own parallel communities, have their own laws, and run their own courts with no accountability to the common law of our nation.  As relations worsen with the EU after we disrupted it by leaving it, the EU is more than happy to make a passage to the UK, it saves processing the migrants elsewhere in the EU with all the problems it has been causing; despite all the so-called agreements to process in the country of entry, worked out to prevent this type of abuse of the common migration system.

If we do not address this issue of migration and asylum bravely and openly, we move towards a place where ironically, the legitimate right to migration gets curtailed because of the illegal migration.  Some of us remember the real nastiness of the late 1970s when people began supporting our homegrown Nazis because no one else was listening on this issue until Mrs Thatcher did, and won an election because of it.  That stopped the petrol bombs for a season.

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