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ResearchGate will allow you to download the fully formatted source dcuments for my higher level work as well as some of the more recent general articles. If the document is present there, it is recommended you download it from there. There is also the facility to leave comments etc. Open here if you require HTML or PDF versions or for online reading.
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Here I publish my own material and that of others (see about) which may be referenced in other published material or resources that would not otherwise be available (easily!) as well as the original versions of published documents that may vary in format to the published versions. Where there are no issues with the publisher, I will also have urls to the published versions. For my own material on this site, it is always the 'canonical' version, i.e. what I considered the final, unedited versions. These vary in subject and quality - personal (pre-2006); undergraduate theology (2006-2012); others are Postgraduate Philosophy and Religion (2013-2016); others are written as part of or alongside my current PhD studies. All the postgraduate were marked at Distinction level so are pretty good pieces of work! However, I think all have a degree of merit and serious thought about them and I offer them in the hope they can be helpful.

© All documents authored by myself are copyrighted but you are granted Attribution rights (i.e. reference this site when you cite or use them in deriviative works!). Where I do not own the copyright you should check with the copyright owner.
Most documents are published on the site in standard web format (HTML) or PDF to preserve formatting.

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