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This site is designed to provide easy access to my materials or materials I have referenced for reading online that might otherwise be paywalled. The publications have now been reorganised into a Blog. It is much prettier, is far more secure, easier to contact, comment etc. There is also a search feature that works well so you should be able to find what you need the "modern" way. Please contact me if you cannot find what you are looking for. You can view the Blog here.

Trigger Warning!

I understand my views may be offensive to some people and may cause distress or upset to others. I welcome constructive engagement with opinions diverse from my own and will publish any responses that are genuine attempts to engage in debate or discussion rather than an opportunity to string lots of expletives aimed at me or other "fascists" together! As one with some roots in Germany and who lost family members fighting fascism, and cut my political teeth in the socialist movement, and who still believes in freedom, justice and equality for all, that is a particularly ignorant piece of slander. Ignorance is the great enemy of progess and I wish my blog to be a small part of ensuring we do not remain ignorant and easily controlled by those who want to control us "for our own good".

I am for one, dedicated to maintaining freedom of thought and expression, I hope this site and blog is a small part of ensuring we keep and value that in the post-COVID, 'Great Reset' era.

Enjoy the intellectual stimulation even if you get mad and are provoked to respond! That was how this blog began for me when I got "mad" whilst watching someone on TV justifying why we should be happy to stay isolated in our homes and let the government take care of us! Das sei ferne!

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