ResearchGate is a sharing site for academics (though there is nothing to stop non-academics joining!) where they can make their research available at no cost to the wider public (though there is nothing to stop you advertising your paywalled material either!). ResearchGate also offers the facility to leave comments etc but it will bug you to join which you might want to consider to avoid the adverts and to have a better page layout!!

ResearchGate will allow you to download the fully formatted Word documents for my higher level work, any presentations as well as some of the more recent general articles. If the document is present there, it is recommended you download it from there, although if there is a reference to a published version it is worth checking the published version as there may have been some small (but important) changes when editing it for or after publication.

That said, I am working towards making sure this site will have the "canonical" (i.e. final!) version. For the time being, where possible, this site will now redirect you to the correct page on ResearchGate.

Michael Macneil on ResearchGate

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