Epistemological Self Consciousness

Feeling Good About TruthAfter starting this journey by returning to study for a BD in 2006, MA in 2012 and then the PhD at the end of 2017, I finally graduated as Dr Macneil this week! My thesis is about what makes philosophy Christian rather than just philosophy being done by people who happen to be Christian. That is, what would be distinctive about Christian philosophy?

This I called “epistemological self-consciousness” which can be summarised in three words “atheism assumes theism” but took me around 140000 words to unpack (40000 of those are footnotes!). The thesis is the exposition of that three word transcendental argument and asserts we can only be truly rational (or reasonable in the sense of living according to reason) when we assume the Christian conception of reality and its relations.

I will be doing an enhanced book form as I had to cut what I considered the most important chapter (but the examiners disagreed) as well as creating a study-friendly academic web-version, but here is a PDF Version for those clamouring for its release!  There is now the “extended version” which will be the basis of the book in draft form here.

The thesis is made available under the CC BY-SA license terms. Please be honorable and respect this license, I want this work to be freely available and derivative works likewise.

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