Are Science and Theology competing views of reality?

This was my second undergraduate thesis which I submitted in 2011 for my BD degree. I had previously studied for a BSc and an MSc in Electronic Engineering in 1989-1992, returing to study for a BD part-time in 2006, which because of some bad choices, I never managed to finish until 2011.

It examines what is my primary philosophical interest which is also the backdrop to my current PhD studies – how do we decide what we know and what are we justified in saying we “know”? Are religious views automatically “unscientific and therefore incorrect”? With the publication of “The God Delusion”, the ridiculing of belief by New Atheism and my own background as a convert to Christianity as a trained scientist, engineer and thinking adult, I have always believed and still believe in the rationality of Christian belief.

Although my thinking has developed substantially from this piece of work, it obtained a very good mark and is worthy of a studied read.

The web version is the original edited dissertation. The PDF version contains additional material as an appendix that I had to edit out to meet the word limit. In some ways, I believe it was the most interesting part of the writing so I have added it here on preparing this blog!

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