Think back to a significant experience you had.  What made this experience change your life?  Write a narrative in 250 words summarising the experience.


In the early hours the morning in December 1999 I began haemorrhaging blood.  The Emergency doctor required an ambulance within 20 minutes.  I was sitting in a pool of my own blood and was wondering, ‘Why am I not sensing the presence of God in a situation where I would need Him most?’  I had been greatly blessed by often sensing the tangible presence of God. 


After a group of doctors had gathered around my bed and I had been put on a drip, I stabilised.  I was bed bound so I read the Bible until I could not focus any more.  I began to sense the presence of God again on the third day and began to see angels at the bottom of my hospital bed.  Some were dressed like warriors that had been wounded and were being tended to by ones that looked visibly different.  Sometimes, even if in mid-treatment, the warriors would suddenly turn and be gone.


I realised that the war in the spirit realm between good and evil described by Paul was not a concrete abstraction common in Greek thought but was really happening.  The next day, as I was recovering from an operation, I had another vision where I saw myself as I had arrived in hospital, bleeding on the bed.  An angel had to fight its way through spiritual opposition at the Entrance, as in the book of Daniel. 


I came to a new awareness of the war between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of darkness that changed me forever.


Cave, S., The Doctrine of the Work of Christ, London:1956.