Trump Is Not Trying To Commit A Coup But To Prevent One

Let me make this clear, I am not an American so I write this as an interested observer knowing that whatever happens in the States, good and bad, sooner or later, finds its way over here.

Rather predictably, with Trump’s “refusal to concede” the Left of American politics has been liberally using the word “fascist”, “coup-attempt” and “death of American democracy” in talking about his legal challenges. Medium is “full” of such marvellous analysis – some of it good, a lot of it bad and others just plain ugly. However, in my view, and I would have thought in any non-fascist view, anyone interested in saving American democracy would be right behind Trump irrespective of whether you voted for him. Let us have a brief look as to why that should be the case.

One of the Bush’s described the election as “fundamentally fair”. Quite a revealing statment – what he actually meant was that it was fair “enough” so that the final result would not have been changed by whatever unfairness there was in the process. Now, that is where the problem is, I do not know how he could possibly know that immediately after the election and before he had all the facts unless he still believed he was living in the America he and his good mate Bill Clinton governed. Allegedly:

1. Ronald Reagen’s Republican whitewash in the early 80s did not come close to the vote count for Trump this time round. I believe he topped it by 20 million votes.
2. Joe Biden polled better than Barack Obama amongst black voters in swing states when Trump’s black/ethnic vote substantially increased nationwide to the degree in Florida it outstripped his reduction in support amongst white voters. Harris’ criticism of Biden during the nomination race was centred on his race relations record.
3. In some counties there was a 300% turnout (yep, you read that right!) with respect to eligible voters – when observers refused to sign the results off they were savaged publicly and their children targetted on social media with explicit and violent threats.
4. In some counties, people were turning up to vote to be told they had already voted by postal ballot – especially in those wards where there had been last minute changes to postal voting arrangments, some which were ruled unconstitutional after the fact. Those that pushed postal voting were in swing States. Worldwide, postal voting has been shown to be open to abuse and corruption.
5. Some observers were refused access to counting facilities and some were kept in pens 100 meters from the count.
6. The company that created the ballot software has a large base in Canada and has an unapologetically “radical” CEO. Canada refused to use the software citing security concerns insisting on in-person voting and a number of States rejected the software on security grounds claiming it was too easy to sabotage or to manipulate the voting. Some have gone so far as to suggest the software is designed for regimes with an interest in lending plausibility to a voting process but knowing it can be manipulated as required.
7. In places where sworn affadavits were taken by Democrat officials alarmed at some of the practices during the counts and clear manipulation of the votes, the Attorney Generals have declined to investigate because “their man won”.
8. Trump was romping ahead in all sorts of unexpected places up to 11:30pm at night. Counting was then ordered to be stopped in those places and when it restarted hours later, hundreds of thousands of Biden votes “had been found”.
9. The fact that the Republicans actually increased their representation in the House contrary to the alleged voting pattern and look like they will hold the Senate, can but suggest there is a major incongruity present in the election.
10. The only way to establish the fairness and legitimacy of the vote is a forensic examination of ballots with signatures. USB devices which had records of the votes in strongly contested seats are now “missing”.
11. A truly remarkable video showing loading of “hidden” ballots for an entire hour into the machines during what was supposed to be a break period where everyone was meant to be out of the room (apologies for posting it embedded in an ACLJ interview but that offers a good commentary on it) – at the very least, even if they were somehow genuine ballots (can anyone believe that?), it was illegal conduct.

I would have thought, regardless of where we stand politically, we would want such a forensic examination to ensure this vote really was “fundamentally fair”.

Trump described some of the practices during the election as “Third World” and I thought from this side of the Atlantic, as one with German heritage, also those reminiscent of the rise of the National Socialists in Germany: riots, violent intimidation of voters and manipulation of the democratic process. When you finally get power, you cement your position by changing the rules.

Thw writing really is on the wall, with talks of new states to pack the Senate and extra judges to ensure the judiciary serves the executive, the US might be re-entering that National Socialist era they escaped by the skin of their teeth during the 1930s. The “New Deal” was National Socialism in disguise, the birth of federalised government and the loss of State autonomy.

This was indeed a very significant election for the States - to maintain some kind of connection with their past as a free people with rights guaranteed by God that cannot be removed by politicians or to join the globalists who believe men have no “natural” rights against the State. Let us hope, as the reality of the Harris programme emerges, who remember could not get 1% of her Party’s nomination (can we seriously expect Joe to serve out his term??), it is not too late for the United States to save their unique democracy that makes it the number one location for immigrants seeking a better life.

The following testimonies should at least make you stop and think there was systematic intimidation and fraud.

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