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This site is designed to provide an alternative “blogmatic” organisation of the materials historically kept on my old website but also extended with new blog-posts, publications and articles. It also means I have an efficient way of keeping “canonical” (master web-versions) of documents that are spread about on different platforms. I have also long-wanted the ability for people to be able to leave comments, link to their own materials etc and have finally found a relatively time-efficient, robust way of handling that whilst dealing with the security issues surrounding it. That said, the sections below show some alternative platforms for the documents which may be of use, especially if you already use those platforms.

Check me out on ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a sharing site for academics where they can make their research available at no cost to the wider public. However, it will bug you to join which you might want to consider to avoid the adverts and to have a better page layout!!

ResearchGate will allow you to download the fully formatted Word documents for my higher level work, any presentations as well as some of the more recent general articles. If the document is present there, it is recommended you download it from there in preference to trying to rip it from Medium (see below), although if there is a reference to a Medium version it is worth checking as there may have been some small, contextual (perhaps important) changes when editing it for that platform.

Michael Macneil on ResearchGate

Check me out on Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform that allows anyone to publish just about anything about anything or anyone! It has a distinctively American liberal “progressive” (i.e. Europeans would call it “socialist”) flavour but is a lively forum and I publish some or my more controversial or polemical stuff on there for the purposes of provoking an argument that is hopefully useful so that at least there is an awareness there is an alternative point of view, as you will be able to tell there have been some good, bad and ugly exchanges!!

Being American, it has free, associate and paid tiers of which I am paid which means some stuff gets put behind their paywall. However, you can normally get access to a certain number of paywalled documents before you are locked out though blocking cookies but connecting anonymously (“incognito mode” in Chrome) and emptying your browser cache will allow you access again once you reach your limit…rinse and repeat if you do not want to join!

»Yes, ironically, I was just evicted off this platform for being a ‘Public Health Risk’…the full story is here

Michael Macneil on Medium

In more detail…

Here I publish my own material and that of others which may be referenced in other published material or resources that would not otherwise be available (easily!) as well as the original versions of published documents that may vary in format to the published versions or have been retrospectively doctored by the original publisher for ‘Cancel Culture’ reasons (a feature of the “COVID-era”)!

My own publications vary in subject and quality – personal (pre-2006); undergraduate theology (2006-2012); others are Postgraduate Philosophy and Religion (2013-2016); others are written as part of or alongside my current PhD studies. All the postgraduate were marked at Distinction level so are pretty good pieces of work! However, I think all have a degree of merit and serious thought about them and I offer them in the hope they can be helpful.

© All documents authored by myself are copyrighted but you are granted Attribution rights (i.e. reference this site when you cite or use them in deriviative works!). Where I do not own the copyright you should check with the copyright owner.

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