KCM-US 2022 Election Broadcasts

These are the KCM US broadcasts which are not broadcast by the international offices of KCM, e.g. KCM Europe, KCM Australia, KCM Africa because they are focussed on the US-elections.

However, I felt they were so good from the point of view of information about the American Constitution and some general ways to assess political parties and politicians, that they would benefit from being shared.

It has been said by many internationalists that the chief obstacle to their globalist reconstruction is the American Constitution.  I believe this presentation goes a long way to explaining why that would be the case.  The average life of a Constitution is 17 years. the American Constitution is close to 250 years old, the oldest in the world because it was founded on Christian humanitarian principles.

The Constitution Is a Biblical Document

The Unique Language of the Constitution and the Bible

Vote for God-Fearing Leaders

The Nature of Our Founding Fathers

The Testimonies of Our Founding Fathers