“Why it’s time to think differently about COVID” – the BBC

Why it's time to think differently about COVID“Why it’s time to think differently about COVID”

Thus spake the British Broadcasting Corporation (otherwise known as the world-famous BBC) in what can only be described as a complete reversal of their previous government controlled narrative.  Two fascinating rationalisations packed with implicit admissions of faulty COVID policies can be found in https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57678942 and https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57725523 with the presentation of the rationale for our bold new approach which will be an example to the world.

No longer are we, the British people, being fed with terrifying stories of a rapid “delta variant” that will jeopardise all civilisation as we know it, rampaging relentlessly through our British-Asian central belt (it was originally called the ‘Indian’ and ‘Nepalese’ variants).  Gone are the long, lingering TV shots of burning funeral pyres in India, with the subliminal message ‘it could be here next week unless you all mask-up, stay at home, do not travel outside your local area, do not hold the hand of your granny as she is dying – these sacrifices we must make, for there is no such thing as “I” now, only “we”’ (quoting The Guardian newspaper and its middle class intellectuals reflecting on how the pandemic has helped us realise that Lenin was right all along, “there is no private with us, all is public”).  Gone are the “mask-up” jumbotrons at the entrance of the supermarkets; gone are the ‘minimise travel’ on every motorway electronic sign, soon even the “work at home” order will be “scrapped” like a wore out Mercedes.  Suddenly, what was unsafe, will now be safe.

Thus, this begs the question, has the BBC and all the various strands of British polity suddenly developed some testicles and are standing up to the government?  Have they become anti-vaxxers, joined the ranks of the conspiracy theorists, stopped quietly changing their previously published stories justifying the initial lockdown after the fact when it was clear they were propaganda (you can read about that here), have they suddenly become COVID-deniers…no, no, no this is because the government-controlled narrative has had to abruptly change for a number of reasons and they are demonstrating just how government controlled they really are.

The British government finds itself in hot water for all sorts of reasons, and as the BBC articles both state, they are going to be “doing it different”, by embracing infection, hospitalisations, deaths and “living with COVID”.  Apparently now, wider infection is a good thing, it helps natural immunity build-up in the population (sure I heard around April last year some irresponsible Swedish immunologist was saying the same thing and got rebuked by his political masters and even the King of Sweden stuck the boot in).  Apparently, opening up our economy, scrapping working from home, partying in nightclubs and packing us in, shoulder to shoulder in Wimbledon for tennis and Wembley for football is cool again.  Apparently, according to our chief medical officer, hospitals can now cope rather than being threatened with being overwhelmed in his statement last week.

Thus, if you are not careful, you might think they have finally seen the light that refusing to lockdown and believing “herd immunity” was the best way to deal with the fourth wave of the virus (ignoring the little detail that the virus is actually now many different viruses, and it is now questionable whether the name COVID-19 is even applicable).  However, the reasons for this “thinking differently” about COVID are actually much more intriguing and in the case of the morals of some of our experts, more salacious than would appear at first blush:

  1. The “Health Secretary” who had issued all sorts of edicts and orders locking people down with “instructions, not requests”, encouraging people to inform on their neighbours, mandating the upload of films taken with your phone to anonymous police websites for “violations”, banning contacts with relatives in care-homes, masking up young children, banning weddings and funerals (with exception made for the dead person), was busy breaking his own rules having a down and dirty sexual relationship with his aide, you can read about his transgression here. That said, he must have taken his cue from Professor Ferguson of Imperial college, the most holy one of international renown, the original architect of our lockdown and expert witness to the US, who did exactly the same way back in April last year, barely a month after his widely sensational and inaccurate analysis was dry off the dot-matrix printer and locked us all up, with the BBC retrospectively editing his wild and over the top exaggerations when they thought no one was looking (thankfully, I copied and pasted the original article).  Of course, for the philosophers amongst us, I am being ad hominem here, and it might not have any logical bearing on the merits of what they were both doing but my point would be, both of these are now exposed of at best, hypocrites and they could not have really believed what they were telling everyone else to do or they would have done it themselves.  They abused both their power and position, getting their jollies at watching a nation being locked up because they said so.
  1. The British government incorporated, the business entity representing the financial abstraction of the government business, actually went “bankrupt” without anyone noticing except a few “in the know” financiers in the City of London. The reason being, they employed a common technique used by large corporations to separate their “assets” from their “operations” in two different legal entities so that if your business fails, the creditor cannot get your assets and is left with the crumbs from the liquidation of your failed “operational” arm.  You can then perfectly legally recreate the “operational” arm of your business in a new corporation and continue to trade, your debt dissolved – if necessary, rinse and repeat.

Of course, when it is the government who is both the creditor and the debtor, you can just go bankrupt, create another corporation with no liabilities and start borrowing all over again as long as the financial markets think you might one day give them a return for their money.  This is like running up an enormous student debt and then being allow to open up a new account at a different bank, and just by changing your legal name you can pretend you cease to exist, by law people are required to believe that and the “new you” is “debt free”.  If someone comes chasing you, you are legally allowed to deny you ever borrowed, that person ceased to exist as a legal entity two years ago.  You might think this is utterly ridiculous, but this is one of the many bizarre ways “corporations” are, by design, able to function (as we all know, they are also entities designed to make lots of money for those that run them by operating transnationally and also pay negligible amounts of tax – this is the big fuss in the G20 at the moment).

However, as indicated in the background above, this cycle of bankruptcy and re-financing relies on the indulgence and complicity of the financial institutions.  The condition is that they believe they are more likely to get their money back if they refinance you (continuing our student debt analogy, your “potential earning power” means your prodigal living can be forgiven), but you can bet the insolvency did not go unnoticed in those transnational banking organisations that issue those “AAA” credit ratings so coveted by governments to finance that very same borrowing on the financial markets. Let us remember Greece was destroyed within a matter of weeks when they lost their “AAA” rating after their 2004 Olympic spending spree, their bailout means they send vast quantities of money to Germany from their tourist hotspots to stay solvent, even today.  Now that Britain has left the EU, they will be unable to access any European Central Bank support for their economy so there is more than a little nervous looking over the shoulder by our government on this issue.    Without us trading again, we cannot afford our enormous furlough bills where we pay 75% of wages for no work in return – we are heading for meltdown, social and economic, so think differently we must!

Those are compelling reasons in their own right as explanations for a change of heart but we cannot just dismiss the rationale offered in the articles themselves for this change.  In both articles, you swim through the vaccination “success” story which is the main reason given for why we can legitimately “think differently”.  The first problem with this is circular reasoning, the admission is that no one else in the world is doing what the British are doing and we are already assuming what we are trying to prove with our “gamble” has worked.  In fact, the rest of the world are all rather watching us to see if the “vax to the max” strategy will work.  The level of this rhetoric is rising to the deafening level now, all sorts of workers and trades are being threatened with mandatory vaccination or “lose your job”, some of us might be going to jail for refusing to be vaccinated.  However, more seriously, and this is the main point for those of us opposed to these “vaccines”, is that what is claimed for the vaccines and the vaccination programmes is just plain inaccurate and collapses under any kind of scrutiny.

Most obviously, the “delta” variant actually claimed more lives amongst the double-vaccinated (62%) than the unvaccinated which is a predictable outcome of mutation that is accelerated by mass vaccination to favour vaccine resistant variants.  In coded admissions from the CDC (the US has a ‘statute of limitations’ so the truth has to be released to the public to guarantee the guilty can escape prosecution in the years later when truth finally gets out – for more information, watch the Julia Roberts Hollywood hit film of 2000 Erin Brockovich).  The unofficial position is that it seems now that risk outweighs benefit for a substantial proportion of most age-groups – both the American CDC and the British Chief Medical officer have admitted the “risk” of blood clotting and damage to the heart, including premature death and neither is no longer pretending the vaccinated will not die:

  1. Britain was well over 1000 post-vaccination deaths two months ago (bizarrely this was sourced from a Japanese news report from a Japanese citizen living here as it was completely unreported in the UK).
  2. Many thousands of “adverse reactions” reported through our Yellow Card system and the CDC data dump has alarmed critically minded physicians in both countries that risk is outweighing benefit, and the vaccination programmes should be suspended for most age-groups.
  3. British Airways reported problems with dying vaccinated pilots because of clots – this would be funny if it was not so serious “sorry your flight will not be landing as planned because the pilots have expired”.

What should be abundantly clear is that under any sane reckoning the medical threshold of halting the various rollouts has been broken by the reports of adverse and serious reactions.  In any other era, the rollout would have been halted and the vaccine reworked – as has been the case with every other attempted coronavirus vaccine, none has ever been proved successful or safe.

Consider the contrast that a few months ago virtually no risk was admitted, and protection through vaccination was virtually guaranteed as a way of getting your normal life back.  We had what can only be described as religious posters all over the UK with serene multi-ethnic panoramas and the inspiration, “every vaccination gives us hope”; in the interests of fairness check the official line here (but have your puke bag ready), https://www.theoystercatchers.com/videos/nhs-every-vaccination-gives-us-hope .  Most blatantly, this is now shown to be a hollow misrepresentation and deliberately ignoring the inevitable mutation of the virus into variants that would require different vaccines faster than you can develop them.

The basic fact about Coronavirus virology was that it was only a matter of time before the weight of variants renders any vaccine programme superfluous.  New, allegedly “serious” variants provide a great ongoing income stream for the now buoyant vaccine industry of in excess of 200 companies but, as the BBC articles unwittingly admit with graphic and all, most variants will quietly slip into the winter “flu” figures and any vaccine will be about as useful as the not very useful “flu-jab” that I get annual reminders to have, and I politely decline – I do not need the government giving me the flu and me passing it on via shedding of vaccine artefacts.  As is still the case, the best defence against any variant is a programme where you strengthen your immune system by losing excess weight, eat properly (both quality and quantity), exercise and reduce alcohol and/or drug consumption (medical or recreational).

We can confirm this because as the WHO have noted, flu apparently disappeared entirely in 2020 – it thus takes a creative bit of statistical chicanery to provide any justification for the lockdown strategy in terms of mortality.  I remember a BBC article from the winter noting “60000 excess deaths” – that was the absolute best they could do after 9 months of pandemic and that only because Public Health England had been caught (by an Oxford academic) rigging their figures by 300%.  He drew attention to scenarios like someone dying six months after they had COVID was classified as a COVID death, regardless of what they actually did die of.  Factor out the error-bar and this creative accounting, you really struggle to demonstrate any excess deaths.  The new revisionist articles from the BBC clearly indicate that “20000 flu deaths” is normal in a bad winter and, check this out, “no one suggested restrictions then”.  Just think about that and you realise how totalitarian lockdowns were and are.

It was a bit like the argument over cancer clusters near nuclear power stations in the 1980s, it all looked really plausible until you analysed the data closely.  As noted by rebel doctors, weak people died from Coronavirus because they were going to die anyway from the first illness they caught.  The overall mortality rate is <0.3% (i.e. survival rate post-infection >99.7%) and this only because the exception being for the frail elderly where it peaked at 5% pushes the average up) and for U21s there is less than a 1 in a million chance of it being a fatal disease.  It makes no sense under any such circumstances to risk vaccination in young children and adults under 40 where the risks are now known and understood.

Additionally, what is undeniable is that there are now spikes in deaths from cancer and other nasties that have always killed far more people than all the respiratory diseases combined because people were unable to access routine care or primary care services “in case they got infected with COVID”.  As one doctor commented, this turns all normal medical practice on its head – you get treatment early, so you do not get seriously ill.  Hospitals were overloaded not because of the severity of the disease but because the primary care sector became completely dysfunctional – anyone suspected of COVID was banned from the doctors, and because you could be an “asymptomatic carrier” that meant virtually no one could see a doctor for routine checks or treatment.   Thus no-one could access early treatment, so they got really ill and for those who were medically compromised, it often became a fatal illness.  For those now dying of other preventable conditions which got out of hand because of the lack of access to physicians, not catching COVID is probably not much of a consolation.  To repeat, the management of the disease was anti-medicine. Yes, we really do need to think differently about COVID as the strategy cannot bear any kind of rational, scientific scrutiny.

To put the exclamation mark on this, simple generic, proven drugs such as HCQ and later Ivermectin were known to be effective both prophylactically and in the early stages of the disease; in the case of HCQ they were validated in 60 years of use, by over 200 studies and yet were outlawed on the basis of big-pharma sponsored fake papers in the world’s most prestigious medical journals.  It was an absolutely unprecedented situation, and the same journals had to withdraw 2 out of the 3 studies because they were just plain fake when actually examined by peers; with the third study author subject to criminal investigation, accused of poisoning patients with intentionally toxic doses.  As was noted at the time of the exposure of the deception, simple treatment means no vaccine mega-money and no political “Great Reset” that is supposed to make the world a greener, fairer place.

This socio-political value of the pandemic for our ‘Great Resetters’ can hardly be overemphasised as Schwab’s WEF, the Rockefeller strategy document and Justin Trudeau all announced to their listening public in their different ways.  This central control of an economy (this time by synarchy, mega-corporations working with international leaders), political censorship and “social credit” were being presented as virtuous and visionary rather than as the oppressive and bloodthirsty monsters they were shown to be in the 20th century.  Similarly, getting rid of cash has long been an aim of visionary humanists in the name of social cohesion because your digital citizenship can be cancelled by a government agency should you dare to think against the interests of the designated “right” way of thinking that promotes the common good.  It sure is time to “think differently about COVID” by recognising the pandemic as a pandemic of fear used to manipulate and control nations into stripping citizens of their freedom and their rights to live independently of government control and encouraging economic dependence on those same governments and transnational megacompanies.

Our supermarkets now have teeming ants picking and packing shopping ordered on amazon, amazon super-site warehouses are popping up all over the UK; meanwhile the local shops and businesses have shut, bankrupted by the inability to trade.  This synarchic form of state-capitalism (that could equally be called Chinese style communism) is emerging where a few mega-companies supply all our needs through their monopolies, and we have no choice but to use them.

Surveillance technology and curtailment of liberty suddenly became legitimate in the name of staying safe.  Citizens in our UK could be arrested for being in a public park outside of permitted exercise periods, and provision in law was made that they could be renditioned to “re-education” camps if their attitude to the pandemic was deemed “incorrect”.  Nothing was excluded, thermal surveillance and contact-tracing were a “new normal”.  My crusty old android phone from 2015 suddenly received the first update in years, providing a tracking framework ideal for any government agency that wants to know about me.

Similarly, the most enduring sociological characteristic is the breakthrough of the idea of a “vaccine passport” that grants services and access to facilities for citizens on the basis of a government issued pass.  By any other name that is systematic discrimination and totalitarian coercion dressed up with the words “keeping you safe”.  I believe it was one of the American founding fathers, William Penn, who said governments would and have always justified tyranny against their citizens, stripping them of their freedoms, under the guise of “keeping them safe”.  It is no wonder there is a statue of this guy on the Philadelphia Town Hall, he had it nailed.

The true nature of the COVID-beast now lies plain before us all, we should think differently about it with 18 months of violence against the free citizens of the world by their governments.  A juicy quote in yet another reformist BBC article from the last couple of days shows how gloriously communist they have been in their response to and management of COVID:

“Behind the scenes, government scientists are broadly supportive of the lifting of restrictions.  But one area of particular concern is the policy on masks.  Not because mask wearing in some indoor settings will dramatically alter the course of rising infections, but because of the message it sends out.  The feeling is that it gives the impression infections no longer matter, and encourages people to think about themselves rather than others.

Communication and messaging is key during a public health crisis.”

So, masks have no real benefit in “keeping you safe” but are advantageous for “communication and messaging” which we should read as “manipulation and conditioning of the public to believe a lie”.  Truth has really become that of Plato’s protagonist, “what suits the powerful at the time”.

For those of us who hoped science may defend us, it has been evident that far from science being a tool that helps us retain objectivity and to overcome prejudice, it has been prostituted to generate justifications for tyranny and the politicians reciprocated by ensuring those “rebel” scientists that did dissent from the “messaging” and “communication” were fired or banned from speaking.  Dissenting medical practitioners from the US with decades of experience as surgeons or as specialist doctors, even WHO approved, were labelled “terrorists”, and banned from entering the UK.  The actual data now available regarding the effectiveness of lockdowns is blatant, particularly in the US:

“Despite all of California’s restrictions on churches, businesses, and citizens, the COVID-related statistics – including infection and death rates – has been significantly higher than other states with far fewer regulations.

“Florida has been open for months,” said Staver. “Restaurants have been at full capacity since last fall, and we haven’t had any problems.”

Dire predictions of school-centered outbreaks didn’t materialize, even though children have been back in classrooms for months. Businesses in Florida are also open and the tourism industry is flourishing, especially in light of vacationers fleeing locked-down states elsewhere in the country.”

Certain sections of the UN are equally as damning in their assessments, particularly those involved in relief work.  The worldwide death toll from COVID was estimated at 3.5 million and that was “official” figures, as bloated as they could be.  At the same time, the economic fallout of the restrictions placed on global trade were estimated by the UN to have put around 300 million (some estimates go to 500 million) into extreme poverty and starvation, with a billion, yes a billion now impoverished worldwide.  Many more will die from starvation and disease because of lockdowns than will ever die of COVID.  It is also a great tragedy that suicide amongst the young, who have negligible (as 1 in a million) risk from COVID, has spiked as people have socially become isolated and depressed by stay-at-home orders and the loss of their employment.

However, what was by far the biggest shock to me as I spent the last three months of 2020 researching the COVID pandemic and the worldwide response to it, was that this was a rehearsed and planned event.  This would sound like an Orwellian delusion of a conspiracy theorist if it had not already happened:

  • By rehearsed we really mean that there were so called vaccination programmes for polio and other “third-world” endemic diseases where vaccines were laced with human hormones to promote miscarriages and infertility amongst ethnic groups that would otherwise have “undesirable population growth” (believe it or not, this is a genuine quote from Bill Gates, one of the biggest sponsors of these programmes through his foundation).
  • By planned, you can read all about it on the websites and in the books of the chief protagonists, I provide a detailed analysis and access to the primary sources here. These visionary humanists are not the least bit interested in hiding what they are doing, Bill Gates is on record as saying if “they” (our billionaire saviours, read Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros foundations or sponsored entities, aided and abetted by mega-corporations like Google, Amazon…) “do a good job with vaccines and birth control they can reduce world population by a billion in the interests of sustainable levels of population”.  Ted Turner, the media-magnate, publicly indicated a worldwide population of 450 million or so would be “ideal”.

So, alarmingly, this Orwellian nightmare is not “conspiracy theory” but a matter of trans-nationalist policy, it is an expression of the last one hundred years of eugenics that has been the obsession of this privileged billionaire clique and given a veneer of respectability by “family planning”, environmentalism and “health” programmes (read abortion of non-whites) which were and are all funded and executed by them as the means to this end.  It simply now has a new lease of life with a new breed of “vaccines” that are an ideal delivery mechanism for hormones that reduce fertility and deliver the Holy Grail of population control that will “save us all” – see, we can rejoice!  Again, if you are interested in the utter moral depravity and gory details of this, read my previous thesis study here.  We really do need to “think differently about COVID” and understand it will be just the first in a whole series of pandemics that are believed to be a means to deliver population control and social cohesion through a new world order.  It was the crowbar to make what was politically and social unacceptable in 2019, politically and socially acceptable in 2021 – just today (12/07/2021) the British government has called a vote in parliament as to whether to endorse mandatory vaccination of certain groups not because they are at risk but because of the risk they might be to others.  That is communism, pure and simple.

Now, I have to wrap up this glorious climb up the holy mountain to glimpse the promised land, so it is only right that God gets a mention.  Apparently, there was a rush to buy Bibles to find out what was said to happen in this ‘End of Days’ in parts of the post-Christian West, and it cannot but be noticed that the Revelation presents a worldwide government that insists that all bear a mark before they could buy or sell.  You can be forgiven for your religious zeal as that sounds like a vaccine passport, it is certainly reasonable to interpret it as a precursor for such a society.  Whatever your religious views, if ever there was a time where citizens of the post-Christian West have to be vigilant to preserve their freedoms won in their Christian era it is now.  We have seen what our governments will do, and we need to organise and resist if we are not to succumb to tyranny.  Oliver Cromwell, during the English Revolution, put it this way, “pray and keep your powder dry”.  Those men battled with their swords the last super-empire of transnational hegemony, then known as the Papacy.  They valued freedom and treated one another as equals because they honoured the image of God they considered immanent in every person; no one was to be unjustly imprisoned by the State and they fought and died for our freedom to come and go as we please, the right to trade free of government interference.  In all these spheres, we need to change our thinking in the years to come if we are to preserve the freedom of our world.

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