Corona COVID-19 “Hoax” – Much More Than Meets The Eye

This was my first article looking at the COVID Era written in March 2020 (it is now December 2020) when I began to suspect something was seriously amiss with the way it was being managed, and marketed to people with a constant negative stream from the media that became less and less accurate as time went on. The governments of the world also became more autocratic and draconian than they had ever dared since the Second World War. It is a lively, humourous but serious piece that got over 10000 reads on a particular platform that has to stay nameless! Not everything has proved to be accurate but it is pretty close nonetheless and many of the themes I developed and corrected as necessary in my COVID thesis available here.

As it extends to over 12 A4 pages, I have included it as a PDF here.

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