When Truth Does Not Matter – The “New Normal” according to COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

Facemasks in the COVID era

“The government said evidence suggests that when used correctly, face coverings may reduce the chance of infecting others”

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Tomorrow is a significant day in the UK and in various “virus hotspots” around Europe. It will be mandatory for shoppers to wear masks and there is also a requirement to wear masks in all sorts of “public enclosed spaces” like waiting for a bus, ordering a takeaway etc. What is more, you will be fined £100 (around $130) for not wearing masks and police “can use force” if you refuse to comply with a request to wear a mask.

Now, you might think it peculiar as to what all the fuss is about regarding wearing a mask, after all, in certain countries of the world (particularly the East and Asia) wearing facemasks has been common since the early 2000s when the SARS virus was thought to have the potential to change human civilisation as we know it. Many think of it as a courtesy to others, to help prevent infection of your neighbour, it is an ethical thing to do.

However, in a discussion with a doctor last week who was working on the “front line” of dealing with the virus they were “totally unimpressed and suspicious” about the new requirement within their hospital to wear a face mask. Now this I found quite peculiar, what is the problem? Well, consider their answer.
1. The lockdown is supposed to be “easing” around the world — that is, restrictions on liberty are eased and restaurants are reopening as are a number of other public places such as cinemas etc. If facemasks were useful and needed, they were needed in March.
2. Only facemasks impregnated with specific anti-virals of surgical grade are likely to be even mildly effective.
3. An academic study found here conducted a few months ago was just another study in a long line of studies on face masks that, in the words of the Chief Medical Officer of the UK in March said, “face masks will not appreciably affect the spread of the virus” — that is, they are ineffective as a preventative measure in all but a tiny proportion of infection scenarios.
4. The scenario they are most effective in, for a short period of time and then only until the mask is saturated with moisture (about 15 mins for a fabric based one), is when a highly infectious person would be coughing and sneezing spraying those nearby. Even then though, even if you are also wearing a mask, once any of the virus is water-born on an air current with droplets, you would breathe it right through your mask as the virus’ molecular diameter is around 100 times smaller than the best masks. Basic probability will tell you the infection is still going to spread, and you are not protected.

Really, what this doctor was drawing attention to, was that there was no rational basis for thinking that wearing a mask was going to protect you or others around you if you were highly infectious or even if you were an “asymptomatic” carrier (i.e. you felt fine but still carried the virus). That this was not some renegade doctor should also be clear by the language of the instruction, “The government said evidence suggests that when used correctly, face coverings may reduce the chance of infecting others”. We have a double-whammy here of conjecture that has failed scientific evaluation as a basis for a major behavioural imposition on the public. The obvious question then becomes, why is the British government and many other governments around the world, forcing people to wear masks and then using enforcement powers to insist that they do when it fails the scientific evaluation?

Well, before we jump off into all sorts of conspiracy theories and rehearsals for one world government scenarios which are common around the world at the moment (and which have varying degrees of factuality and plausibility), the problem for the governments of the world, especially the “free” nations of the world, is that they cannot afford to have their populations staying way from work and not spending any money in shops, restaurants and not putting money into the economy. In basic terms, the “magic money tree” that the governments of the world found to furlough their citizens and pay them for doing nothing, is about to be dug up when the international debt collector pulls their nations “AAA” credit ratings on the international money markets. It has happened to Spain and Greece in recent history and their nations were devastated economically. There are unfinished and abandoned infrastructure projects all over Spain and derelict Olympic stadiums in Greece. Germany bailed Greece out and now quietly collects the tourist revenue at the Greek tourist hotspots. No one talks about this but massive inflation because of “quantitative easing” (the new name for “printing money” but this time of the digital variety) is a real probability unless some real value is put back into the economies that were vandalised by those same governments in embracing totalitarian lockdown.

Just how totalitarian and duplicitous our governments have been is now getting out through the mainstream media but is being quickly ignored by them the day after, preferring to talk about low-level fluff like face masks instead. The empirical evidence is now here and it is truly scandalous and would be worthy of their attention. Our “Health Secretary” ordered an “urgent inquiry” into the reporting of COVID deaths — why? Well, people were being classified as still dying of COVID if they died of something else a few months later and had been certified as fully recovered.

Prof Carl Heneghan from University of Oxford, who spotted the issue with the data, told the BBC there was “huge variation” in the numbers of daily deaths reported in England by PHE.
While NHS England currently reports 30–35 deaths per day, Public Health England (PHE) data often shows double that or more, he said.
The reason is that anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus but then died at a later date of another cause would still be included in PHE’s Covid-19 death figures.
“By this PHE definition, no one with Covid in England is allowed to ever recover from their illness,” Prof Heneghan says.

In other words, the figures were “rigged” for political purposes to justify the continuing tyranny of the lockdown. It was only the honesty of an academic outside the central academic clique working with the data that brought it to light, not an official government source or the “scientific experts” who could not plausibly have not known about the fallacious data, and guess what, the story has been quietly buried. A serious and responsible media would have nailed their politicians and those complicit scientific “experts” to the wall.

A serious and responsible media would have nailed their lying politicians and complicit scientific experts to the wall.

It is now leaking out from mainstream scientific sources that the lockdown has probably cost more lives than it has saved and created more problems than it has solved — it was a front page story on one of our major broadsheet newspapers, i.e. not a tabloid scare story. Guess what, if you have been telling people to protect the National Health Service by not going to hospital, foregoing treatment for other diseases, you are not going to die of COVID but you will die prematurely of something else or that long term treatable condition you already had. That is what is happening. Guess what, people go insane when locked up in solitary confinement as criminals; people are going insane from being locked in solitary confinement up by their politicians.

So our politicians desperately need people to be spending money and spending it big to prevent an economic meltdown that will make the social disorder and upheaval of COVID-19 seem like a walk in the park. You take away people’s livelihoods and make them unable to provide the basics for themselves and you will get anarchy as we see in some American cities at the moment that are like Schwarzenegger movies of the 1980s. The lack of coverage and attention to what is going on in the US in the EU at the moment is spectacular.

In other words, it is this “economic reality check” that means our governments are thinking it okay to be so untruthful, unscientific, immoral and unethical. In order to get people out of their houses and back into work, they must be made to “feel safe” — even if the so-called “safety measures” such as face masks and “social distancing” are almost totally ineffective. An early Dutch study into social distancing asserted the distance would probably have to be 10m to be effective and probably the first academics to break ranks with the scientific elite that recommended the lockdown within a couple of weeks of the lockdown, said that the closing schools on social distancing grounds was completely unjustified. Despite positive peer review, the schools remained shut. In workplaces, the measures of excellence to “keep us safe” and a COVID-secure workplace are extreme — no more than two people on the staircases, lanes marked in the corridors, two people in the kitchen, one in the smoking shelter, sit in the four corners of the room to have a meeting and only come to the office when you absolutely cannot work at home. You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth — how on earth are you going to “be safe” eating out in a restaurant if you are not allowed within 2m of another person at your workplace? Either you already safe and do not need to social distance or you are unsafe. Rationality has taken a walk and truth no longer matters, it is whatever suits us on the day…

It does not matter that there is no rational justification for those actions, it is all done with the end of making people “feel safe”. The end justifies the means and the truth, even the scientific truth — the way things really are, can go to Hell if it makes people feel good and spend some money! If we have to manufacture and manipulate data and evidence to ensure the public accepts lockdown or to wear a pointless mask, in the interests of social cohesion (for if they knew the truth they would be rioting like My Life Matters as well as BLM), we will do it.
The equation lacks all intellectual credibility — somehow you are supposed to “feel safe” by having all these restrictions imposed on you. Guess what, for those who have been fed a diet of negativity and restriction by their medias obediently spinning their government lines, they are not in any hurry to leave the house and spend their money. So either the COVID story is really fake and you can go out and enjoy yourselves and spend some money, or follow the “scientific advisors” and do not come out until Spring 2021.

The real lasting legacy of COVID is that truth has been put out to pasture, we are sitting on the eve of a worldwide tyranny where governments, for the first time in history are prepared to act globally together to rob their citizens of their liberty and to create legislation that exempts the agents of the same governments for any redress from their citizens for “wrongful arrest or imprisonment”. We each need to make the decision to be rational and to be free, and to be prepared to be fired, imprisoned or even to die for that freedom.

Who would have thought we in the West would be witnessing the passing of democracy into totalitarianism a little after 30 years of those who lived under totalitarianism rejected it as they pushed down the Berlin Wall and tore up the Iron Curtain; how bizarre is it that the communist revolutionaries of Antifa are owning the streets of US cities, how untaught this generation is and how short our memories are. Totalitarians riot and create chaos, and then present themselves as the solution but always end up to their necks in the blood of their own citizens.

“Who would have thought we in the West would be witnessing the passing of democracy into totalitarianism a little after 30 years of those who lived under totalitarianism rejected it as they pushed down the Berlin Wall and tore up the Iron Curtain, how untaught this generation is and how short our memories are.”

Governments do not give us our rights and are not responsible for our welfare. The US Constitution gets that much right — it recognises that our rights come from our Creator and no human authority can revoke them. If you depend on the government for your “rights” then you will be subject to the tyranny of your government and you are obligated to do exactly what they tell you to do. Hitler said he studied the socialist polices of Bismark in the closing years of the 19th century and realised people would be prepared to exchange their freedom for state provided security and “welfare”. FDR in exactly the same era and for the same reasons offered the US a “New Deal” and created the modern American State.

The truth is a powerful weapon in staying and being free.

Guilt is a powerful weapon of the manipulator to shame you into behaving in a particular way. The truth is its antidote and a powerful weapon in staying and being free. Do not trade your freedom for a bowl of rice or a loaf of bread from your caring, sharing government.

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