The Hour of Glorification

How and why does John depict the death of Jesus as “His hour of Glorification”?

The Gospel of John offers a radically mature presentation of Jesus when compared to the dramatic and often emotional tone of the synoptic gospels, who concentrate on Jesus’ humanity rather than his deity. The gospel of John does entirely the opposite – it concentrates on the deity of Jesus and has a cool objectivity; his condescension to become a human, his total control of the crucifixion process (this is one of the biggest contrasts to the humiliation of synoptic versions) to the degree he sorts out his Mother’s future care whilst on the cross and his masterful elevation back to His Father’s side at the end of the narrative. The language of John is enigmatic and multi-layered, this 2000 word essay does a good job at unravelling what is meant by the repeated motif, “the hour of glorification”.

A PDF is available here.

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