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Hi there, and a warm welcome to anyone interested in free thinking and free living.  This is intended to be a place of learning and a place of respect for a diverse spectrum of views, so feel free to be constructively critical and/or to post links to your own work.

I understand my views may be offensive to some people and may cause distress or upset to others. Thus, I welcome constructive engagement with opinions diverse from my own and will publish any responses that are genuine attempts to engage in debate or discussion rather than an opportunity to string lots of expletives aimed at me or other “fascists” together! As one with some roots in Germany and who lost family members fighting fascism, and who cut my political teeth in the socialist movement, to be called a “fascist” or a “racist” are really particularly ignorant pieces of slander. I still believe in freedom, justice and equality for all even though I freely admit I am no longer a socialist. I still recognise the value of many things socialists believe, just not the primary means advocated by socialism, a strong State, to get them.

Ignorance is the great enemy of progess and I wish my blog to be a small part of ensuring we do not remain ignorant and easily controlled by those who want to control us “for our own good”.

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