The Resurrection in the Christian Faith

There is no doctrine within the Christian religion that provokes such intellectual ridicule as the Resurrection and it was one of the first to be “reinterpreted” in the post-Darwinian rationalism that came to dominate liberal scholarship.  The liberals understood that traditional theology relied on a literal resurrection, if  a literal view of the resurrection was to be deemed irrational and unscientific, then  the whole of Christianity needed to be reinterpreted to fit the “facts” as 19th century science perceived them.  This essay considers in reasonable depth for a 2300 word essay, much of this liberal reinterpretation of the event and concludes it is unsustainable from the text of scripture, particularly considering the foundational expositions of Paul who takes it as one of the most basic givens of Christian belief whilst being well aware of the rational challenge that it presents.  It has an excellent set of references and a bibliography.

A PDF of the essay is found here.

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