Jerking the wrap off….

News Update with Dr Rodney Howarde-Browne

Just in case you have never seen this, it is the best news programme you are likely to see….

Highlights of this one are:

1:49 in – former assistant US secretary talking about how COVID is being used as a cover to put us into digital concentration camps. Great on the facts and that the banking world is geared up to enforce total lockdown of citizens via a digital currency and our digital devices. Imagine the scenario you cannot purchase outside of an approved area or, like the Chinese social credit system, you are only permitted to work and trade in particular locations. She describes how it is happening via vaccine passports and mandates …

10:00 in – fake anti-vax story peddled by the BBC which claimed that an ‘anti-vax’ athelete died from COVID when in fact he was vaxxed…

14:15 in – Klaus Schwab in 2017 at Harvard bragging about how the World Economic Forum has “penetrated” most cabinets in the world to push the ‘Great Reset’ agenda. The WEF is his private economic think-tank; it is not, as many people think, a UN body (though world leaders often attend it).

And of course, the Great Canadian Truckers fighting for their (and our) freedom…

Check out the RHB channel here.

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