It Is Not Just About Abortion

This, without doubt, proved to be the most controversial article I had written and caused considerable unintended hurt and upset, which I truly wish had been avoided by being more careful to anonymise properly and fully. However, it is a deeply passionate and personal piece of writing, and it has helped as well as having upset. An excerpt is below, a PDF of the full article is found here.

So, as a living breathing human being, this article is supposed to be about the intrinsic value of life — I finish by trying to join up all these issues in diagnosis as a postmodern sickness at the heart of our values. I do not deny the value of postmodern philosophy and am a great fan of Wittgenstein but certain deconstructionist brands of it have been combined with statism and marxism to create a particular intolerant and dehumanising, relativistic ethics. It is an impassioned appeal for people to take notice of the cult of death that has taken over the Western world that once modelled the sanctity of life and influenced the declaration of the United Nations declaration that enshrined the right to life. There is intense lobbying at the moment for that same declaration to be rewritten as a right for a woman to access abortion, call that irony or the sign of the progress of our species if you will. It was written to be as brutally honest about myself, my past mistakes as anyone else and as a provocative invitation for those that feel as equally strongly in the opposite direction to make their case. It sure is also true that what is written here is written from a passionate, deep conviction and pain in my heart regarding the lack of recognition of the value of life but the invitation is there for those offended to be as passionate as they wish in return, make the case why I am wrong about wanting to preserve life and in our debate, the truth can be served.

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