Four thousand words on theological ethics

These were actually revision notes for these pre-released exam questions for my Theological Ethics examination in 2008:

  1. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of (1) Deontology and (2) Consequentialism. Use an example of an ethical dilemma in order to strengthen your conclusions.
    Cloriannwch gryfderau a gwendidau (1) Deontoleg a (2) Canlyniadaeth. Defnyddiwch enghraifft o broblem foesegol er mwyn cryfhau eich casgliadau.
  1. Assess the ways in which ethical theories could affect attitudes towards crime and punishment.
    Aseswch y ffyrdd y gallai damcaniaethau moesegol effeithio ar agweddau at drosedd a chosbedigaeth

As someone is sure to ask, the questions were given in both English and Welsh as I studied at Bangor University in North Wales.

I really went to town with the revision notes (considering the exam was only 1.5 hours long!) so there is a load of interesting stuff in here that covers both ethics and theological ethics.


A PDF is found here.


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